New Direct To Film Printing with Powder Adhesive for Custom Clothing Manufacturers

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Direct To Film Printing is shown to offer significant benefits over Direct to Garment Printing. The technology can add custom prints onto nearly any type of fabric through the use of a special transfer film. The film is heat transferred onto textiles or solid substrate then coated with an integrated lightweight powder adhesive. After the application of the film, powdered adhesive is distributed over the surface, dusted off, and melted onto the printed film surface.

This process ensures that each print has a brilliant high contrast color, clean sharp edges, and details, as well as being machine washable and flexible (due to the powder adhesive). This makes it ideal for custom t-shirt makers to produce a long-lasting high-quality product for their customers.

With no cutting or weeding needed, direct to film printing means that there is less waste compared to other printing methods and it allows companies to run both small and large capacity orders.

Additionally,direct to film printing allows manufacturers to pre-print film and store for future use. The process itself allows for the printed film to be easily cut apart to later press onto a variety of items and used for future garment prints. This is ideal as an alternative to pre-printing clothing lines and worrying about sell thru and storage.