ASC's First Strategic Objective is to deliver educational opportunities to all professionals to enhance experiential learning to 'Secure the Future' of our industry, our member companies and their staff in a highly rewarding career.

We invite you to explore the multiple and diverse educational opportunities that bring the foremost subject matter experts and institutions in foundational and insightful topics for technical professionals.

ASC’s Training Academy includes diverse content appropriate for technical and non-technical staff who wish to learn practical concepts, fundamentals in adhesive/sealant technologies, markets, chemistries and periphery topics of significant impact in adhesive and sealant industry.

Program Principles

The Training Academy was developed with these founding principles:

Robust Programming

A sampling of the programming you will find at ASC's Training Academy:

  • Introductory fundamentals
  • Relevant research in adhesion
  • Critical emerging issues
  • Robust technical topics
  • Market disruptors
  • Strategies and insights
  • Technical best practices
  • Market intel
  • Leadership skills
  • Trends and innovations
  • Regulatory
  • Market best practices for B2B

Maximum Flexibility

All educational programs are delivered in a variety of formats for maximum flexibility:

Technical Program within the ASC Training Academy

The foundation of the educational training academy was built on a long history of technology driven short courses and webinars. With the introduction of the Training Academy Certificate Program (TAC) in 2016 we launched a comprehensive asynchronous learning platform that is a 100% web-based platform, developed by and for our industry professionals to provide a multitude of course options in fundamentals, technologies, chemistries, markets and periphery adhesion topics.

The Technical Program within the Training Academy includes diverse content appropriate for technical and non-technical staff who wish to learn more about practical concepts, fundamentals in adhesives/sealants and advanced topics and fall under four platforms:

The Training Academy Certificate Program (TAC) is our flagship asynchronous education program available through our tiered subscription options (see link below). The program consists of:

  • A comprehensive 100% web-based introduction into adhesives and sealants for all roles; technical, commercial, manufacturing, end users.
  • Facilitate quick onboarding into our industry, perfect for new graduates, or existing personnel
  • 12-course requirement for Graduate Certificate; earning discounts and industry recognition

For information on the TAC construct, platform and access, Click here

For information on the various SUBSCRIPTIONS levels click here.

Technical Short Courses are held at ASC Annual Spring Conventions and stand-alone events each fall. The 1.5-day short courses held concurrently at our spring convention, are a solid introduction to technologies or an extension of learning after TAC graduation.

  • Courses rotate through 5 technologies: Waterborne adhesives, Pressure sensitive adhesives, Polyurethane adhesives, Hot melt adhesives and Caulks and Sealants
  • Courses are generally broad enough for commercial professionals but robust for technical staff
  • Connection with presenters and peers allows for growth of network and deeper understanding of topics

For information on upcoming short courses, click here.

Live and On-Demand Webinars cover diverse, relevant topics such as specific markets, technologies, chemistries, current research in periphery topics of adhesives adhesion and sealants.

  • Content designed to address needs and interests of both new and veteran professionals.
  • Educational webinars available for purchase are delivered on our fundamental, non-commercial platform
  • Commercial Free Friday Webinars are free to attend and apply principles using commercial product introductions from industry suppliers
  • For a list of recent, past live webinars, click On-Demand Webinars

ASC's Annual Conventions (normally in the Spring) keep the industry informed of Technology, Business Development and Regulatory content for every discipline and market.

The educational program at ASC Conventions consists of:

  • Two days of conference programming with three tracks running concurrently within Technology, Business Development and Regulatory tracks. They cover a wide variety of cutting-edge research, applications and insights in all adhesive and sealant markets
  • A one-day EXPO with 90+ booths encourage exposure and connections to experts at adhesive and sealant companies
  • Top Keynote speakers from our industry, end users and distinguished experts provide insight and connections

Visit the ASC Events Page to view information about the next ASC Annual Convention.