How packaging can contribute to the triple bottom line

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With the increase in interest in the three P’s of the triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit), packaging rises to the forefront. It is controllable, and there are several options for how packaging can contribute to the triple bottom line. Starting by expanding your view from your suppliers’ suppliers to your customers’ customers, you’ll find several opportunities for recession proofing your business by partnering with supply chain partners to achieve the ultimate win-win-win.

Almost every raw material and finished good requires packaging. If you can minimize packaging without impacting product quality, you will have a direct impact on the triple bottom line by reducing materials and waste while increasing efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability. You could also redesign packaging to better utilize the packaging design to improve the carbon footprint, profitability, and people’s lives.

When assessing sterile medical applications, you could research the clinical requirements for the barrier. Good packaging design, material selection, and composition can minimize the requirements for the barrier. In a non-sterile application, you might evaluate the use of recycled content and biomaterials.

Pertinent Examples
As it relates to packaging design, material selection and composition, an adult incontinence manufacturer wanted to redesign the materials to perform better yet use less materials in the product for a win-win-win for the customer, manufacturer, and supplier. The R&D, Package Engineering, Purchasing, and Supply Chain teams collaborated closely with the supplier to develop new materials that would achieve the objectives. After several iterations, trials, and revisions, the team accomplished the triple bottom line. Less materials were used in the product, less packaging was required, less waste occurred on the lines with close alignment between operations, equipment suppliers, and key suppliers, and the product performance...


Source: Adhesives Magazine & LMA Consulting Group