Crisis Recovery Program

Products falling in short supply may occur following a natural disaster or during a domestic emergency, especially if a manufacturer, supplier, or distributor with one facility is unexpectedly disrupted.

Given the current Covid-19 crisis, but also for future unforeseen disasters, ASC is generating a LIST of member companies who are interested in assisting in this regard.

Please keep in mind the following antitrust guidelines in connection with this Program and with respect to potential member agreements:

  1. The LIST ASC is generating is to be used as a listing service only, and is not to be used as a vehicle for companies to share competitively sensitive information. The list only indicates whether the company is willing to join the pool of potential back up suppliers, and no other information will be provided or shared.
  2. It is up to each company to decide whether they are interested in participating. Any company will have the ability to decline to do it in the future.
  3. The ASC will not establish, collect information or communicate regarding the terms and conditions under which companies agree to be each other's backup. Companies should negotiate their own terms with anyone on the list (and even multiple companies in order to have multiple back-ups if they wish).
  4. The LIST is not exhaustive and any member is free to approach any company for backup purposes, even if their name is not on the list and they are not a member of ASC.
  5. ASC reminds members that any agreements that companies enter into using this LIST is subject to antitrust laws and any agreement entered into between competitors should comport with all of the requirements of the antitrust laws.

If you are interested in being added to the LIST, please email Myranda Nickoloff on the ASC staff at with the following information:

  • Company name and mailing address
  • Name and contact information (phone number & email address) of the primary contact at the company for the program

ASC will maintain the list on this page. To access the list, your member login information will be required.

Note: you may request your member login information at any time by contacting Myranda Nickoloff on the ASC staff at