Educational Opportunities

Critical workforce training for your technical, business and regulatory education needs. ASC's training Academy delivers both virtual and on-site programs that covers adhesive technologies, markets, chemistries and periphery topics of sgnificant impact in adhesive and sealant indutries.

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ASC Buyer's Marketplace

The new ASC Buyer’s Marketplace Guide serves as a quick and efficient way for users to find the right solution and partner for their adhesive and sealant needs. Use the following directories to narrow your search.

Adhesive and Sealants Directory

Supplier Directory

Directory by Market Segment

Secure the future for your Organization and the Adhesive and Sealant Industry! ASC Connects you and your company to a world of resources that deliver results. ASC delivers: Networking, Education, Industry Resources, Innovation and Advocacy to its members.

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Our Mission

ASC supports its Mission and achieves its Vision through three strategic priorities including: giving voice and representation to the adhesive and sealant industry through Advocacy, engaging with End Users to create synergies, and supporting and advancing Sustainability efforts on behalf of members and the industry.

Sponsors of the ASC Buyer's Marketplace 

Innovators Secure the Future
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ASC delivers career education, innovation collaboration, community knowledge sharing and a unified industry voice. Together, we accelerate the adoption of adhesives and sealants to strengthen our member business.