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UV Curable Adhesives & Applications

UV Curable Adhesives & Applications

The market needs for UV curable adhesives continues to increase as the world shifts to greener solutions, i.e no solvents while also saving on energy costs as UV solutions often offer increased line speeds and ultimatly yield higher profits for companies.

This webinar will discuss numerous aspects of UV curable adhesives. First the fundamentals of UV curing will be discussed along with formulating strategies of UV curable adhesives for various applications. A market overview of the future of UV curable applications will be reviewed along with different chemistires that encompass UV adhesives. Ultimately, specific case studies and projects will be discussed primarily relating to UV curable adhesives for electronic and medical devices applications.


  • Mechanism for Radual Curing
  • Formulating strategies of UV curing adhesives-oligomers, photoinitiators, additives
  • Dual Cure adhesives; UV+heat and UV+moisture
  • Market applications of UV adhesives-Medical and electronic assembly, scratch resistant coating, varnishes
  • Case studies: Primarily electronic and medical device UV adhesives


Samantha Leap - Chemence

Samantha Leap graduated from the Colorado school of Mines with a degree in chemical and biochemical engineering with a minor in biology. After graduation she began her research and development career at Colorado Photopolymer Solutions in 2013 in Boulder Colorado working with Neil Cramer, Chris Bowman, and Mike Idacavage. At Colorado Photopolymer Solutions she had the opportunity to work on custom UV curable formulation development for several different industries including coatings, adhesives, biomaterials, and 3D printing.

In 2019 Samantha joined Chemence and continues to work in custom UV curable formulation development for electronic and medical device adhesives. In her free time, she loves hiking, yoga, and hanging out with her husband and their dog Tank.

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