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Feedstocks from Hydraulic Fracturing

Feedstocks from Hydraulic Fracturing

We have been through stormy times with the pandemic, Texas freeze, hurricanes, supply chain issues, focus on climate change and "energy transition". With the potential for more changes, what will be the availability and cost of the energy and feedstocks needed to run the adhesive and sealant industry?

This presentation will discuss some of the technology advancements in drilling and completing (fracking) wells that are creating a dependable energy and feedstock supply. The effect of these changes on the imminent supply chain issues will be covered. The environmental impact of fracking and how it can be one of the solutions to the challenges faced by the energy industry will also be discussed.


  • What is fracking? Why is it important to the adhesive & sealants industry?
  • Gain an understanding of drilling and hydraulic fracturing technology
  • Compare oil and natural gas production globally to US production. What changed in the last 12 years?
  • Understand environmental impacts of fracking and how US natural gas is lowering emissions globally
  • Gain an understanding of why fracking, natural gas and oil are essential to manufacturing

Greg Kozera - Shale Crescent USA
Greg is Director of Marketing for Shale Crescent USA, a regional non-profit research and economic development marketing organization whose mission is to create jobs. He is a professional engineer with a masters in environmental engineering and more than 40 years of experience in the natural gas and oil industry. Kozera is the author of the books Just the Fracks Ma'am and Learned Leadership. Greg is a leadership & marketing expert, professional speaker and a writer with numerous published articles including a weekly newspaper column. Kozera is a boys high school soccer coach whose teams have won 17 regional and six state championships. He understands the importance of teamwork and leadership.

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