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EV Shifting the Course of A&S Innovation

EV Shifting the Course of A&S Innovation

Electric vehicles, fuel cells, and other novel automotive technologies are rapidly changing the way adhesives and sealants are being used in the industry. Optoelectronics, Ecoat compatibility and circular economy-"green chemistry"- are driving technology shifts in adhesive and sealants capabilities. We will look at adhesive and sealant solutions developed to meet rigorous and rapid EV and fuel cell vehicle development needs.


  • How EV automotive technology shifts are driving innovation in adhesives and sealants
  • Evolution of adhesive and sealant technology to meet conductivity, flame retardancy, rapid cure and Ecoat and battery compatibility needs in the EV market
  • Look at how sourcing from bio based materials can meet the needs of next generation adhesives and sealants while minimizing environmental impact

Jessica Carson - Threebond
Jessica Carson, with a B.S. in Chemistry, has been in the adhesives and sealants industry for 6 years, with 3 years of research and development experience in methylene malonate technology, and 3 years of research and development experience in Epoxy and FIPG technologies. This experience has extended from in depth analytical analysis of polymers to application development with the leading technology leaders in the industrial, electronic, and automotive industries.

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