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Epoxy Chemistry and Formulations - Part 1

Epoxy Chemistry and Formulations - Part 1

This webinar will give an overview of the major types of epoxy adhesives, along with their properties and general formulation. Examples include one component latent epoxy adhesives, two component amine cured epoxy adhesives, and quick cure mercaptan based epoxy adhesives. Structure property relationships of epoxy resins, reactive diluents and curing agents will be reviewed to give the formulator an understanding of how to improve key areas, such as adhesion, flexibility/elongation, thermal resistance, chemical and water resistance and cure speed.

Specific case studies will be reviewed that demonstrate how careful component selection can lead to epoxy adhesives with greatly improved properties. Finally, a brief review of how different types of epoxy adhesives are evaluated for different applications, with a focus on how different analytical instruments are used to measure properties.

-Epoxy adhesives types, properties and general formulations
-Resins, curatives and reactive diluents for epoxy adhesives and their influence in formulation structure
-Improving adhesive properties through component selection
-Evaluating adhesive performance and properties

Jeremy Pasatta - Huntsman Corporation
Jeremy received his Bachelor's of Science in polymer chemistry from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2000, and has furthered his education with graduate classes in Polymer Science from University of Akron. Since receiving his degree in polymer chemistry, Jeremy has held various roles focusing on polymer science and thermoset chemistry, with 13 years of experience at CVC Thermoset Specialties. While at CVC, Jeremy gained in depth knowledge on tougheners for thermosets, and worked both in R&D and customer facing roles supporting use and application development of Reactive Liquid Polymer and epoxy resins, and hold several patents on the development of new toughener technologies.

Most recently, Jeremy has joined Huntsman Advanced Materials as Technical Service Manager for Transportation and Industrial applications. In this role, Jeremy supports customers in using Huntsman component products for transportation and industrial application with a focus on adhesives. Jeremy also serves on the TRFA executive committee as Vice President.

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