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Digitalization Boom in the Adhesives Industry

Digitalization Boom in the Adhesives Industry

Due to the global pandemic, the digital buying process of ingredients for adhesive formulations accelerated from what had been predicted prior to 2020. This means that exploring, screening, final selection and eventual purchase of ingredients is now predominantly done online.If you are a researcher or formulator, a marketer of ingredients, or even a procurement manager, you need to understand your digital channel options, how they differ, and which are most critical for you.

This webinar will present the facts regarding the digital options relevant to the adhesives industry from James Weatherall, Global VP of SpecialChem. He will share where the buyers are looking, how frequently they are seeking solutions, and how suppliers can influence the journey of these buyers through digital. He will also share the cumulative engagement of the top adhesives formulators and how they are changing to conduct nearly 90% of their buying process online.

-How digital impacts the buying process of adhesives and ingredients
-Rethinking digital strategies in the post-pandemic era
-How to choose the best digital channels for your adhesives industry needs
-How to adapt your sales and marketing strategy to the new digital framework

James Weatherall - SpecialChem
James M. Weatherall is a Global Vice President at SpecialChem, the leading materials selection platform, and a leader in digital marketing solutions for the global chemical industry. Mr. Weatherall supports the firm's clients in the Americas by designing and implementing strategic digital marketing programs aimed at driving growth and accelerating innovation in markets such as adhesives and sealants and related segments.

Mr. Weatherall brings over 40 years of experience in the global specialty chemicals and materials industry. Prior to joining SpecialChem in 2011, he was a Senior Vice President at Kline & Company, a leading marketing research and business strategy consultancy. He holds a Masters in Management and a BS in Chemistry, both from the Stevens Institute of Technology in NJ. He is a Past President and current Vice President for Membership of the Société de Chimie Industrielle, a NYC-based non-profit serving the chemical industry. He and his wife reside in Los Angeles.

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