Self-Adhesive Films Used to Refurbish and Repurpose Older Furniture to Reduce Cost and Waste

Industry News,

Cardiff Metropolitan University has found a way to refurbish old desks to reduce the costs of replacement while at the same time cutting back on the waste and environmental impact of discarded furniture.

According to the university, this was achieved by its print team which refurbished the desks with self-adhesive Coala interior and exterior films. It reports that the success of the project, which was fully in line with the university’s strategy regarding sustainability, has led to the possible extension of the desk repair project to include about 500 more desks in various sectors of the university such as the library, offices, IT suites, and student catering outlets.

These self-adhesive films are designed for updating or finishing substrates both outdoors and indoors on furniture, doors, or walls, and are available in a wide variety of designs which provide the appearance of marble, stone, leather, wood, fabric and metal, as well as glitter, soft touch, fabric, and plain solid colors.


Source: Cardiff