New Progressive Cavity Pump Dispensing Tool from Bostik for Automotive and Electronics Market

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Bostik reports that it has developed a new precision dispensing system which enables the easier use of cyanoacrylate adhesives in high-precision robotic manufacturing to bond automotive and electronics product parts with complex shapes and geometries.

The new progressive cavity pump has a dispensing rotor that oscillates between each dose of adhesive applied to prevent rapid curing inside the pump, and a stator made from a mechanically robust polymer that doesn’t absorb, discolor, or change any property of the adhesive according to the company. The pump, developed in partnership with ViscoTec, a high-precision equipment manufacturer, is suitable for both mono- and bi-compartment dosing systems and is considered far more reliable than existing dispensing systems, even for very narrow beads of glue Bostik reports. The pump’s improved performance was demonstrated with Bostik’s Born2Bond Cyanoacrylates and UV Curable Cyanoacrylates, including formulated (Methyl CA, Ethyl CA, Methoxy CA, Butyl CA, etc.), “high viscosity” or “gels,” and even when dispensing beads of 0.3 mm wide or less.

The ViscoTec Pump System also consists of a three-axis robot with a ViscoTec drive unit and a control unit as well as a proprietary software to enable the new system to be used in a wide range of robotic manufacturing systems. Robots are typically used to control the production process's volume, speed, and accuracy. The new software controls the flow rates and actions of adhesive dispensers, e.g., oscillating when in standby and dosing actions. It also translates these complex digital commands into analog signals for the robots to synchronize their actions with the progressive cavity pump.


Source: Bostik