Medmix Launches New Two-Component CO2-reducing Packaging Solution

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Medmix has launched a new adhesive and sealant CO2 reducing filling, labeling and transportation solution. The company reports that their MIXPAC ecopaCC system is a sustainable two-component packaging solution, offering a CO2-reducing alternative to rigid cartridges without compromising on performance or reliability. The new solution was designed with both environmental impact and operational efficiency improvements in mind and is applicable to multiple industries.

Filling may seem like a straightforward step in the packaging process, but it is fraught with challenges that can lead to issues like leakage, poor application, and poor mixing quality. The MIXPAC ecopaCC system addresses these challenges, allowing high filling pressure that compensates for smaller inlets compared to backfilling. The system offers impressive filling speeds: semi-automated equipment can output 4-6 cartridges per minute, depending on fluid properties and packaging size, while fully automated equipment can achieve significantly higher outputs. This makes ecopaCC not only reliable but also comparable in speed to conventional rigid cartridges.

Unike traditional backfilling, we propose to fill ecopaCC using a front filling method with a previous air evacuation from the two fluid chambers. A vacuum is built up in a separate chamber and applied through the filling nozzle. The vacuum ports are then closed, and two fluids are pumped into the evacuated cartridge compartments. This specialized process removes air entrapments from the ecopaCC completely, while the tight sealing prevents additional air ingress resulting in a pure, uncompromised product. 

Storage challenges in the packaging industry are often overlooked, causing issues such as wasted inventory space and bulky cartridges, which can lead to escalating costs. These problems can strain resources and limit operational efficiency. Enter ecopaCC, a solution meticulously designed to tackle these very challenges.

Unlike traditional cartridges that are bulky and inefficient, ecopaCC's compact form factor is engineered for optimal use of storage space. With its collapsible design, ecopaCC cartridges require up to 85% less storage and transportation space compared to conventional solid cartridges. This not only significantly reduces associated costs but also aligns with its 77% of CO2 savings, making ecopaCC a truly sustainable choice.

Additionally, the durable materials used in ecopaCC make it ideal for long-term storage without compromising quality. In essence, ecopaCC not only addresses storage challenges that many businesses face, but it also solves them, proving that thoughtful design can indeed make a significant impact.


Source: medmix