ExxonMobil Launches New Brand Name for Their Wax Line

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Exxon Mobil Corp. has launched a new product brand for their line of waxes called Prowaxx™. The new architecture allows for differentiation between waxes. The changes went into effect on April 1. “Prowaxx is more than just a new name,” said Kyle Davis, global specialties sales director at ExxonMobil Waxes. The launch of Prowaxx demonstrates a strategic intent to invest in the future of wax, creating a naming convention that is scalable for new offerings. Prowaxx serves as an anchor for the product portfolio with differentiation across wax types and greater clarity tailored to customer decision making.

The waxes are available in fully refined paraffin, semi-refined paraffin, slack wax (European and Americas versions), and hydrorefined soft wax. “Wax applications are constantly evolving, with customers continuously expecting more from our products,” said Davis. “By introducing Prowaxx, ExxonMobil Waxes is investing in the future of our business and those of our customers.”

ExxonMobil reports that the company is committed to developing and employing product and process technology that allows the company to increase wax production throughout its global network. The company is manufacturing more wax by continuously developing an in-depth understanding of wax molecules, integrating operations to establish a 360-degree view of the wax-making process and maintaining a familiarity with the changing trends of various wax applications. The company has been serving wax customers for more than 125 years.

“While the launch of Prowaxx signals a new era for ExxonMobil Waxes, we continue to prioritize high quality, reliability, flexibility, product integrity and superior performance,” Davis said. “The wax products our customers use will still be available — just under a new name. No matter what type of wax you need, Prowaxx has you covered, from slack wax for boardsizing to fully refined wax for candles and rheology applications.”


Source: ExxonMobil