Loctite Sealant Specified as Fix For Tesla Water Ingress Problem

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A new Tesla service bulletin to address 2020-2023 Model Y and 3 water ingress issues specifies re-sealaing the liftgate assembly. The 1.8 hour procedure is aimed at service technicians according to the service bulletin. Tesla technicians will replace the liftgate lamp double-ended stud gaskets and the liftgate lamp connector gaskets, as well as using Loctite hybrid polymer and sealant to prevent further leaks.

According to Drive Tesla Canada, the American EV company has been aware of this issue for a while, but some owners who went to service their vehicles the first time had to return a few weeks or months later because the issue had made a comeback. Now it looks like Tesla will use an improved sealant to possibly stop the problem from reappearing.

Model Y owners can tell if they have the issue described in this latest service bulletin if they notice water on the seals around the trunk or in the sub-trunk. In some cases, water may even escape from the openings of the liftgate itself, as shown in the video embedded below.

Source: Inside Ev's