Liquid Product Recovery (Pigging) Systems in Adhesive and Sealant Manufacturing

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Today, a wide variety of sectors, industries and applications that process liquids use pigging (more accurately described as ‘Liquid Product Recovery’ or ‘pipeline product recovery’) to reclaim liquids from pipelines and tubing. The main purpose of pigging is to reduce waste, increase yields and capacity, and improve the efficiency of manufacturing and production processes.

Pigging refers to technology that uses specialist projectiles to recover, rather than waste, residual liquid in pipelines or industrial tubing. It has progressed from basic equipment used to clean oil pipes, to advanced, fully automated industrial pipeline product recovery and liquid transfer technology used today.

The technology can be used in adhesive and sealant manufacturing to recover product, which increases yields and reduces waste. It can be used to remove nearly all residual product from the inside of pipes and tubing, which in turn reduces the use of cleaning fluids, uses less water, saves time, improves process efficiency and ultimately increases profits. In addition, because pipeline product recovery using pigging saves resources, it also helps towards sustainability.

Pigging systems aim to recover useable product from your processes, instead of discarding it as flush waste with the goal of keeping more product during the manufacturing process to increase yield, reducing resources required and making operations quicker. They can potentially eliminate some process stages altogether.


Source: HPS