Robotic Dispensing, Mixing and Application System Developed for Chemical & Consumer Products Company

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Germany's Füll Lab Automation GmbH has developed a plant for a major chemical and consumer goods company that performs fully automated dispensing, mixing, and application to produce new adhesive formulations for a wide range of applications. The heart of the system includes four mixers from Hauschild Engineering that are integrated into the robotics, some of which operate under vacuum to ensure that the adhesives are mixed homogeneously and, above all, bubble-free and efficiently without the use of stirring tools.

When such automation systems also involve mixing difficult materials such as adhesives and sealants, Füll Lab Automation works with Hauschild Engineering. Developed in-house by Hauschild and manufactured in Germany, the Hauschild SpeedMixer® selected for this project is used in laboratories for research and development work, as well as in companies that require small-batch mixes in quality assurance or for short production runs. Within minutes and without the use of stirring tools, it mixes different liquids with pastes/powders, pastes with powders, powders with powders — even of different chemical and physical properties — without bubbles. The weight and volume of the mixing results range from a few grams or milliliters to 10 kilograms or 10 liters.

In 2021, Füll Lab Automation was assigned by a multinational chemical and consumer goods company to develop a fully automated adhesive dosing-mixing-and-filling system for an adhesive research laboratory with a staff of 500 people. Both partners were in agreement that the best mixers for the system were four DAC (dual asymmetric centrifugal) mixers from Hauschild. With a fully optimized system, the mixers work with the BLS syringe from Füll. With this technology, a direct application of the mixed formulation is possible without decanting and cleaning. When mixing adhesives, this is a significant step in process simplification and acceleration.

Three of the devices integrated into the automation system are mixers with vacuum option and robotics capability. With their extremely precise control and mechanics, these mixers can stop the mixing cup with centimeter accuracy, thus ensuring access by means of a robotic arm.


Source: Hauschild SpeedMixer