Asphalt Sealants Offer Cost Savings for America's Roadways and Parking Lots

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America's roadways and parking lots are subjected to an incredible amount of traffic and stresses caused by vehicles of all sizes and weights. Governments charged with maintaining these vital roadways are constantly on the lookout for solutions that are both cost effective and prolong the life of asphalt.

Asphalt is basically a semi-solid form of petroleum. Cracks appear over time due to wear, weather and temperature changes. When cracks appear, additional traffic and stresses due to large and heavy vehicles place an incredible amount of additional stress on the cracks. Weather and temperature are also formiddable forces. Water seeps down into the cracks and temperature often creates a shrink/swell force from freezing temperatures and extreme heat over the years.

To try to control these ever appearing and expanding cracks known as "fatigue cracking", which requires more costly repairs if left untouched, governments want to alleviate the problem in the most cost effective and longest lasting way.

The cracks of course usually spread in a random pattern, making repair that much more challenging. Asphalt sealants are the preferred repair solution because they can be poured in these random patterns easily from tanker trucks. Repair workers apply asphalt rubber sealants, which contain polymers for maximum flexibility, thereby saving governments and businesses millions of dollars by prolonging total roadway or parking lot re-pavement costs.

Source: TS Sifter