3M and HowToRobot Collaborate to Help Industry Automate Bonding in Assembly Operations

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The demand for automating the application of tapes & adhesives in manufacturing processes is increasing rapidly. This collaboration will help connect manufacturers to the automation resources needed to achieve their production goals.

3M and HowToRobot have announced a collaboration that will help 3M customers find bonding automation solutions through HowToRobot’s global market platform which covers over 16,000 robot and automation suppliers. The platform will bring added visibility to 3M-trained automation suppliers as well as connecting 3M’s customers to resources to automate their bonding applications.

The need for automation in the manufacturing sector is driven by several factors, including labor shortages, increasing throughput, and the need for improved productivity. While automating tape and adhesive applications can help a business overcome these challenges, finding a supplier who has a solution for a customer’s bonding application can be challenging.

By combining 3M’s tape and adhesive expertise with HowToRobot’s platform, customers can have confidence they are finding a tape or adhesive automated solution at the right cost, quickly and easily. This is achieved by providing tailored, competitive offers from automation suppliers free of charge, helping businesses save time and money in their search for automation solutions.


Source: 3M & HowToRobot