Organization Overview

Headquartered in The Woodlands, TX, Trecora is a renowned pioneer in the development of high-value, innovative materials that foster a sustainable future. We prioritize the well-being of our customers, communities, and planet by safely and efficiently converting chemical and energy by-products, thus mitigating carbon emissions across various sectors. Specializing in high-purity specialty chemicals and polymers, alongside tailored processing services, we provide cutting-edge solutions for diverse applications.
Peter Loggenberg Chief Commercial and Sustainability Officer
David Altschul Business Manager
Edward Rodriguez Senior R&D Chemist
Gabriel Garcia Sales Account Manager
Jessica Arceneaux Executive Assistant
Jessica Kafka Process Engineer
Kayla Rivera Senior Communications Specialist
Kristin Taylor Customer service
Larry Birdsell Vice President, Operations
Marcello Villahoz Senior Director
Susie Wu Technical Service and Development
Wendy Lambright Wax Sales Representative
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Block Copolymers, Epoxy Hardeners, Polyester Resins, Silane Modified Polymers (SMP), Silicone Dispersions & Resins, Vinyl Homo/Co-Polymers (PVA, VAE)
Assembly Operations
Abrasive, Filters, Appliances & Electrical Equipment, Composite Material Bonding for Non-Transportation, Flexible Materials, HVAC (Heating, Venting, Air Conditioning), Mechanical Equipment, Medical Applications, Sandwich Panel Manufacturer, Sport Equipment & Toys
Paper Board & Packaging
Bookbinding, Graphic Arts Industry book binding, Converting & Packaging, Flexible Packaging, High Gloss Laminating for Graphic Arts, Nonwoven Products, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Transportation Market Segment
Passenger Cars/Light Assembly & Components (OEM), Trucks & Buses (OEM)
Woodworking and Joinery
Cabinet Making, Furniture Manufacturing, Window Frames, Door Manufacturing
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