Tesla Includes Free Tire Repair Kit With Sealant for Some 2024 Model 3 Deliveries

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It have been reported in various countries that Tesla is including a complimentary tire repair kit, that includes injectable sealant, with some deliveries of its new 2024 Model 3 vehicles. The kit aims to offer a temporary solution for flat tires, reducing the company’s costs associated with roadside assistance for such issues.

The tire repair kit includes an air compressor, a one-piece sealant canister, an inflation needle, a tapered nozzle, and a Tesla-branded storage bag. The kit’s SENSOR safety system electronically ensures a secure connection between the hose and valve to prevent accidental misuse.

For drivers that do not receive the complimentary kit or those that purchased earlier models, the kit is available for purchase on Tesla's website. Many in the industry suggest this is a must to keep tires inflated properly and to get drivers back on the road temporarily since Teslas do not come with a spare tire. 

The kit is designed for temporary fixes to get drivers back on the road so that they can visit a tire specialist for a permanent fix or replacement. It is advised to not drive more than 186 miles (300 km) on a repaired tire and to replace the damaged tire and TPMS sensor as soon as possible. These replacement parts are not covered under Tesla’s vehicle warranty.

Source: Drive.com