New Cordless Dual-Temperature Glue Gun for Packaging & Crafting

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In arts and crafts, few implements are as invaluable as the classic hot glue gun. While a tube of old-fashioned paste is fine if you're just sticking popsicle sticks together, a hot glue gun is invaluable for more ambitious crafting pursuits. The powerful adhesives and fast drying make a hot glue gun vital for securing larger, heavier parts of your project and keeping them that way.

The only real downside to a typical hot glue gun is that most rely on a traditional wall outlet to power their heating elements. This can result in some annoying situations, such as the cord falling short of your table or getting tangled up while you try to maneuver the gun carefully. In steps the Ryobi ONE+ 18V Cordless Dual-Temperature Glue Gun. The company reports that the cordless high capacity glue gun eliminates the most irritating aspect of glue gun usage, the cord, and replaces it with the brand's signature high-capacity battery packs. While Ryobi offers various glue guns, not to mention helpful products like glue supply tubes, the Dual-Temperature gun is arguably its most useful, combining portability with convenience to create the ultimate hot glue delivery device.

Ryobi's Dual-Temperature Glue Gun features a convenient temperature switch, with heating options ranging from 248 to 320 degrees Fahrenheit to help you set the ideal temperature for your adhesive materials. Whatever temperature you have the gun set to, it'll always heat in a crisp two minutes, ready to get you gluing quickly. While applying your adhesives, there's also a convenient fold-out drip tray under the nozzle that catches errant globs.

The star of the show is, of course, Ryobi's proprietary ONE+ system battery pack. Just snap on any 18V battery pack sold by Ryobi, and you'll get hours of heating and gluing action. Whenever the power drains, just remove the battery pack, snap in another, and let the glue keep flowing. With a battery pack, you'll never have to worry about a power cord getting tangled up in your crafting project as you maneuver around it.

Users of this glue gun have praised the inherent portability that comes with being cordless, with one reviewer able to take it up and down a step stool for a large craft project without worrying about tangled wires. Users also enjoy the dual-temperature settings, with one user using the lower temperature to set wax without it bubbling up.

Source: Slash Gear