New Adhesive Sleeves for Wire-Harnesses

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Tesa Tape has developed new adhesive sleeve tapes which are aimed at speeding up and simplifying the application of protective coverings used to protect the wire used in the many wire harnesses that play an important role in automobile assembly.

According to the company the tape sleeves, based on a solvent free acrylic adhesive, contain layers of fleece and cloth and are designed to carry out multiple functions. Because of their flexibility, the sleeves are able to allow for movement and Tesa reports that they also enable bends in the wire to remain firmly connected to each other and protected even when they are bent. The sleeves also, according to Tesa, are able to resist temperatures of up to 300˚F for as long as 3,000 hours, and are resistant to abrasion, dampen noise, and protect the wire against dirt or dust from the road or caused by disuse. 

According to the company, the adhesive sleeves enable far faster application and are more likely to be consistent because the sleeves are applied using lengthwise wrapping instead of following the spiral wrapping process which is slower.

Spiral wrapping calls for both spot taping and under-wrapping, which takes far more time, and has higher risk of inconsistency.

Source: GlobalSpec