Ingevity opens new Performance Materials distribution center in South Carolina

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Ingevity opened a new distribution center this summer in Greer, South Carolina. The company reports that the new facility is aimed at simplifying the distribution network and enhancing service to their customers. Initial operations commenced in June and export shipments began in July.

“We are excited to announce our new location right here in South Carolina,” said Ingevity executive vice president and president, Performance Materials, Ed Woodcock. “Growing our relationship with these partners highlights our commitment to providing value-added products and innovation to our customers and strengthens Ingevity’s ties within the region.”

The location of the new distribution center, opened in collaboration with Benore Logistic Systems, Inc. and the South Carolina State Ports Authority, will enable Ingevity to utilize the state of South Carolina’s inland port to efficiently transport goods by rail to the port of Charleston. Both partners will leverage their logistics networks in the region to further enhance service for Ingevity’s Performance Materials customers.

“Moving goods by rail rather than by truck reduces emissions and aligns well with Ingevity’s focus on sustainability,” said South Carolina Ports president and CEO, Barbara Melvin. “South Carolina Ports celebrates Ingevity’s expansion into the Upstate with a new distribution center in Spartanburg County and will support Ingevity’s growth by swiftly moving goods via rail between nearby Inland Port Greer and the Port of Charleston.”

“The entire Benore team is proud to be working closely with Ingevity and the South Carolina Ports,” said Benore president and CEO, Jeffery Benore. “Our warehouse in Greer, South Carolina is only a few miles away from the Inland Port Terminal and enables us to provide a short turnaround time combined with exceptional customer service to deliver the Ingevity products from South Carolina to the world.”

Source: Ingevity