How Versatile Self-Adhesive Labels Make Product Labeling Smoother

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Self-adhesive labels speed up and simplify the application of labels directly to products and the containers in which they are packed, without the use of additional adhesive equipment or bulk adhesives.

Labels can be pre-printed and adhesive-backed with pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs). These labels are very versatile and are used in a variety of industry for advertising and branding, product identification, information, descriptions, pricing, bar codes, and safety. They can be applied directly to the products themselves, or used for labelling packaging and storage containers, shipments, displays, and much more.

Self-adhesive labels offer many other benefits beyond ease of application. They are durable, and are easy to remove without leaving residue should the labelling need to be changed or updated at any point. They are also very versatile, which makes them suitable for use in many industries, and in different types of applications.

Regardless of the type of materials used in the labels themselves, which can vary from paper, to polypropylene or vinyl, the labels can be easily custom cut into different shapes and sizes to match the requirements of individual designs, and adjusted for different uses and applications.

Source: Bdaily News