Henkel Sealants Line Provides OEM Approved Solutions for Body Shops and Commercial Vehicle Workshops

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Henkel's TEROSON® line of sealants are OEM approved vehicle solutions. The company reports that products like the TEROSON MS 9320 SF sealant–allow for body shops and commercial vehicle workshops to perform, replace, and repair affected areas, and also to rebuild OEM seams. The silane-modified polymer-based, chemical-curing sealant can rebuild OEM-approved standard seams, brushed beads, spray seams, PVC structure seams, flat stream seams, wide stream seams, and special OEM textures, directly from the dispenser.


According to Henkel, the TEROSON MS 9320 SF sealant has no need for additional masking, priming, or special or additional tools (e.g. spreader). Its use can typically save up to 25% rebuild time per job–based on an average time of 120 min/repair.is aimed at providing body and commercial repair shops the sealants necessary for body repair.


SF is a black, grey polymer for the reproduction of flat- and wide-stream seams equal to OEM texture. Skin formation time is 10 to 20 min. Best application results are achieved with the TEROSON® ET DISPENSER POWERLINE II or TEROSON® ET AIR DISPENSER MULTIPRESS for sprayable sealing. Henkel recommends preparing the surface with TEROSON® VR 10 recommended.




Source: Henkel