Henkel Launches Alignment Adhesive for Automotive Camera-Module Bonding Applications

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Henkel has launched a 1-step UV-cure epoxy adheisve for high resolution automotive camera-module bonding applications, such as lens barrel to housing and lens housing to circuit board. High-resolution cameras play a key role in enabling the safe functionality of ADAS systems – responsible for ensuring quick, accurate detection of other vehicles, pedestrians, obstacles, traffic signs and more. Henkel reports that its innovative 1-step cure active alignment adhesive LOCTITE ABLESTIK NCA 01UV enables optimization of the process time of the overall camera module assembly line. Since 99 percent of the cycle time can be attributed to oven curing, a significant process cycle improvement can be achieved by eliminating the heat cure process step. 

LOCTITE ABLESTIK NCA 01UV is electrically non-conductive adhesive fully cures by UV LED within 3 seconds – no thermal post cure required – and is REACH compliant. Appliable by dispensing, Henkel reports that it’s perfect for high resolution automotive Camera Module bonding applications.

A whitepaper is available HERE

Source: Henkel