Henkel celebrates 100 years of Adhesive Technologies

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Henkel reports that 100 years ago this week, they began selling their first adhesive solutions to neighboring companies. From the development of laundry detergent packaging adhesives for its own use to today’s advanced solutions in more than 800 industry segments the company's world-leading adhesives, sealants and functional coatings are integral parts of countless consumer and industrial goods. Henkel Adhesive Technologies shares the visions of its customers and enables the development of groundbreaking innovations in areas such as sustainability, mobility and digitalization.

“With our pioneering spirit and innovative strength, over the last 100 years, we have become the world's largest manufacturer for adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings, creating value for more than 100,000 industrial customers, as well as millions of consumers. Our next step to create value across industries around the world is to develop the sustainable solutions necessary that enable circularity and CO2 reduction,“ explained Mark Dorn, Executive Vice President Henkel Adhesive Technologies. “Then as now, we collaborate with our customers to turn challenges into opportunities and to innovate products and solutions.”

The company reports that the success story of Henkel Adhesive Technologies began 100 years ago, because the company made a virtue out of necessity. After the end of the First World War, the occupation of the Rhine and Ruhr threatened to cause a shortage of adhesives at the company's home base in Düsseldorf, which were needed to seal the own product packaging for detergents. In 1922, Henkel therefore started to develop and produce paper, cardboard and packaging adhesives for its own use. With the construction and start-up of its own adhesives factory, the company also began selling adhesive products to neighboring companies on June 26, 1923. The first products included the painter's glue Mala and the wallpaper paste Tapa, both based on potato flour.


Source: Henkel