Engineered Polymer Solutions Launches New All-acrylic Polymer for Elastomeric Wall and Roof Coatings

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Engineered Polymer Solutions (EPS) launched a new all-acrylic polymer for elastomeric wall and roof coatings, called EPS® 2210. The company reports that the new polymer for roofs is capable of conforming to ASTM D6083 Type II standards, ensuring low temperature flexibility at -10° C.

“Our novel polymer was designed to keep white roofs white, by offering excellent asphalt bleed-through and dirt pickup resistance”, said Brent Crenshaw, Ph.D., Senior Scientist at EPS®, adding that “this helps decrease the temperature of roofs, which can substantially enhance occupant comfort, lower cooling cost for building owners, and potentially mitigate urban heat island effects.” The company reports that its new EPS® 2210 sets itself apart by offering excellent adhesion, and a well-balanced blend of tensile and elongation properties.

The company also offers a full line of polymers and pigment dispersions for the architectural, construction and industrial coatings industries. EPS reports that samples of EPS® 2210 are available through its website.


Source: Engineered Polymer Solutions (EPS)