Dupont Launches Silicone Thermoset Adhesive for Biosignal Monitoring Devices

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DuPont has launched DuPont™Liveo™Soft Skin Conductive Tape 1-3150, a silicone-based thermoset adhesive for electrical biosignal sensing and transfer. The company reports that the new adhesive tape technology combines the benefits of silicone technology with electrically conductive properties. Dupont reports that the adhesive tape technology enables long-term patient monitoring with stable data quality and high patient comfort. The tape is used as a skin dry electrode application for biosignal monitoring. 

“Wearable biosignal-monitoring devices can enable patients to better monitor and track their own conditions outside of hospital facilities, empowering them to participate in and manage their own care,” said DuPont Liveo Healthcare Global Strategic Marketing Leader Jennifer Gemo. “To meet the needs of both patients and physicians, device manufacturers are calling for the development of long-wear patches for remote patient-monitoring that remain comfortable over the required wear time while ensuring high data quality. That’s where our new Liveo Soft Skin Conductive Tape technology is expected to play a major role. This is the first market launch of its kind for DuPont Liveo Healthcare with several other tapes in the pipeline for medical wearables.”

Source: Dupont