Clariant and Omya Team Up to Tackle The Yellowing Problem of Silane Modified Polymers (SMP) Sealants

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Clariant and Omya have joined forces on a new project to tackle concerns surrounding the yellowing of the increasingly popular silane modified polymers (SMP) sealants. According to the two companies, the results have delivered a label-free solution with higher light and heat performance versus standard solutions in the market.

The companies report that SMP is one of the industry’s fastest-growing sealant technologies for diverse construction, automotive, and component applications. Delivering high-performance elastic bonding on multiple substrates, these reactive sealants can be painted unlike other technologies, and they are free of solvents and isocyanates. However, using heat and light stabilizers for weathering performance has traditionally caused unsightly yellowing both in-cartridge and temporarily on extrusion, many are based on hazard-labeled materials, and service life for SMP sealants is still limited.


Source: Omya