Avery Dennison's Label Testing Service Receives ISO Accreditation

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Avery Dennison announces that its label testing service, AD Procerta™, has received ISO 17025 accreditation from the Dutch RvA, a first in the industry. Launched in 2022, AD Procerta is an in-house testing service built to support brands within the pharmaceutical, automotive, and premium FMCG industries through the complex label qualification process, ensuring their products meet the highest quality and compliance standards, according to the company. This ISO 17025 accreditation underscores AD Procerta's ability to produce test results that are reliable, credible, and accurate.

Avery Dennison reports that ISO 17025 is universally recognized as the leading standard for testing and calibration laboratories. It carries substantial value, offering quality assurance, risk mitigation, and enhanced trust and confidentiality. It also facilitates market access by assuring compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards, which is especially pertinent in highly regulated industries.

The unique value of AD Procerta lies in its application-specific testing that goes beyond industry standards and includes protocols developed by Avery Dennison based on clients' needs. Established in Europe, it offers short lead times and leverages over 80 years of expertise in pressure-sensitive materials to provide specialized insights, guidance, and, if necessary, product development within the broader Avery Dennison group. This means that brands can rest assured that when AD Procerta concludes that something doesn't work for a particular application, the wider organization has sufficient expertise to potentially develop something tailor made.

And for brands, the ISO 17025 accreditation is a quality stamp proving that the laboratory is meeting the highest standards in terms of testing and quality. “AD Procerta offers bespoke testing proposals that go beyond general FINAT tests or ASTM protocols, offering processes that mimic every client's real lifecycle of products while at the same time maintaining the highest quality standards to ensure accuracy and reliability,” explains Anthi Schoina, R&D Lab Lead at AD Procerta. “This ensures they receive not only accurate test results but also tailored advice and guidance that explains the meaning of these test results in great depth and provides additional context.” Ultimately, with AD Procerta, brands gain a partner equipped to provide bespoke testing proposals while also assuring that their products are compliant and set the standard for quality and reliability in their respective markets.

Source: Avery Dennison