A Look at Tesla’s Smaller and More Affordable EV Batteries

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Tesla’s new EV batteries may finally hit the EV market in early 2023 after years of collaboration with Panasonic. The result is the development of the Panasonic 4680, a new type of EV battery, which Tesla reports is smaller, cheaper to build and more energy dense.

The Panasonic 4680, according to Tesla, has been designed and developed to address some of the issues which have faced EV manufacture and assembly. These issues have included the weight and size of the electric batteries that power the electric vehicles’ electric motors and other electric systems; how long the batteries last before degradation sets in; the distance that can be driven between charges; the costs involved in buying batteries and their availability.

Tesla reports that the Panasonic 4680 batteries, although smaller than Tesla’s current EV batteries, are far more energy-dense, incorporate innovative adhesives, and have a higher capacity opposed to the EV batteries currently available.


Source: IEEE