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Wacker Chemical Corporation

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Organization Overview

Based in Adrian, MI, Wacker is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wacker-Chemie GmbH, a global leader in polymers and specialty chemicals. Wacker manufactures silicone-based sealants and serves construction, transportation, consumer/DIY, and assembly markets. In addition they produce elastomeric compounds, crosslinking agents, and plasticizers used in sealants formulation. The company's diverse activities are organized within independently operating corporate sectors: Siltronic, Wacker Silicones, Wacker Polymers, Wacker Fine Chemicals and Wacker Polysilicon. They hold technology leadership positions in many markets they serve. Wacker is a privately owned, limited liability company.
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Market Segments
Assembly Operations, Building & Construction, Consumer & DIY, Transportation, Woodworking & Joinery
Assembly Operations
Appliances & Electrical Equipment, HVAC (Heating, Venting, Air Conditioning), Medical Applications
Building and Construction
Flooring: carpet, PVC, linoleum, parquet, tile
Consumer and DIY
All-purpose Glues & School Glues, Construction and plumbing adhesives, Sealants
Transportation Market Segment
Aircraft & Aerospace, Passenger Cars/Light Assembly & Components (OEM), Railway (Including light rail vehicles-tram), Repair & Maintenance (aftermarket), Shipping & Cargo Containers, Trucks & Buses (OEM)
Woodworking and Joinery
Window Frames, Door Manufacturing