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Founded in 1872 as the Smith & Hemenway Company, Red Devil Inc. began manufacturing the world's first steel wheel glasscutters. During a buying trip to Sweden, the company's founder, Landon P. Smith, heard a blacksmith remark "Those little Red Devils" after sparks from his forge singed his arm. Upon his returning to the States, Smith began to use the trade name Red Devil on many of his tools. The Company, which manufactured a full line of glazier tools began acquiring other companies, and for the next 40 years acquired over 30 different business. In 1944, the Company acknowledge the countrywide acceptance of Red Devil products and officially changed its name to Red Devil Tools. In 1966 Red Devil Tools purchased a chemical company named Schalk Chemicals. Having now diversified into the chemical business, Red Devil changed its name from Red Devil Tools to Red Devil, Inc. Today's Red Devil, Inc. manufactures tools at its corporate headquarters in Union, New Jersey, and produces a full line of caulks, sealants, and fillers at its state of the art manufacturing facility in Pryor, Oklahoma. Tub & Tile Caulk, Blacktop & Roof Repair, Concrete & Mortar Repair, Glazing Compound, multi purpose acrylic caulks & silicone sealants are among the many chemical products that compliments the Red Devil Chemical product line which is recognized for its brand names of Lifetime Caulk, Speed Demon Caulk, and ONETIME Spackling. The latest introduction from Red Devil, QUICKpaint caulk is the first water based acrylic caulk that can be painted in 30 minutes.
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