Organization Overview

Worthen Industries, Inc. is made up of two divisions: UPACO adhesives and NYLCO. UPACO Adhesives manufacture a broad variety of adhesives in two locations, which are sold to the following markets: automotive, footwear, staple/nail, film laminating, foam bonding, packaging and specialty adhesives. The adhesives include hot melts, films, powders, solvent based and water based. Many of our products such as polyurethanes are in-house polymerized including reactive types. NYLCO provides a broad range of coated fabrics, conducts custom laminating and also provides die-cutting services. Products coated on fabrics include vinyls, acrylics, and polyurethanes, rubber base materials, silicones and others. NYLCO manufactures in 3 locations and also provides a line of adhesive coated paper products.
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Market Segments
Assembly Operations, Building & Construction, Footwear & Leather, Paper Board & Related Products, Transportation, Woodworking & Joinery
Assembly Operations
Abrasive, Filters, Appliances & Electrical Equipment, Composite Material Bonding for Non-Transportation, Flexible Materials, Medical Applications
Building and Construction
Wall covering - paper, polymer film, textile adh
Footwear and Leather
Footwear (soling, repair, aftermarket)
Paper Board & Packaging
Converting & Packaging, Flexible Packaging, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Transportation Market Segment
Aircraft & Aerospace, Passenger Cars/Light Assembly & Components (OEM), Shipbuilding and Offshore, Shipping & Cargo Containers
Woodworking and Joinery
Cabinet Making, Furniture Manufacturing