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Quality Considerations for 2C Adhesives from Cartridges Webinar

Quality Considerations for 2C Adhesives from Cartridges Webinar

Wednesday, June 21, 2023
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (EDT)

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Event Details

Even though the use of 2C adhesives from cartridges is considered foolproof on the first glance, there are a few details to be considered in order to avoid or detect errors and to achieve a high quality bond in the end.
The webinar is addressed to manufacturers/suppliers of adhesives filled in 2C cartridges as well as to the users of such adhesives. The interaction between the respective adhesive, the double-chamber cartridge, the different technologies of available static mixer, the dispensing device and, last but not least, the parameters of the bonding process will be covered.


  • Understanding the interaction of adhesive, double chamber cartridge, mixer and dispense tool
  • Which requirements from the bonding process have to be considered
  • Selection of dispensing system components
  • Failure modes and root cause identification in cartridge application of 2C adhesives


  • Introduction
  • The double chamber cartridge and its possible influences on the quality of the bond
  • Different technologies of static mixer tubes for the use with double chamber cartridges
  • How to find the best mixer tube
  • Details to be considered selecting the best dispensing tool

Who Should Attend:

This webinar is suitable for professionals in technical roles, both new and established int heir careers. Technology managers, R&D, chemist, scientists, and sales and marketing professionals will gain the latest information about the technology.


Dr. Hartwig Lohse

Dr. Hartwig Lohse is chemist by education and has been working with adhesives and their industrial application for more than 30 years. In 2009 he started “How do you glue" to support various companies related to adhesive bonding along the entire value chain in various, mostly technically oriented projects. His consulting services are primarily aimed at companies that are either already using adhesive bonding in their production or are planning to do so, but are not sure whether they have the necessary expertise and experience to plan bonds in such a way that quality problems do not occur later in production. The aim is to find the best solution for the customer’s specific task.