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Polymer Stabilization in Adhesive Formulations Webinar

Polymer Stabilization in Adhesive Formulations Webinar

Webinar focus on polymer degradation and additives used for stabilization

Wednesday, September 13, 2023
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (EDT)

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Event Details

This is an educational presentation focusing on polymer degradation and additives used for stabilization, to protect polymer materials during processing and end-use applications. The polymer degradation and oxidation mechanism will be reviewed. Main types of antioxidants, UV absorbers and HALS will be introduced with benefits and limitations for each type. Suggestions on establishing the right stabilization systems using screening tests on adhesive product will be made with examples. The regulatory climate associated with these additives will also be discussed.


  1. Learn about the various polymer degradation pathways in a formulation
  2. What are the different additives that are used to stabilize the polymers
  3. Learn about Antioxidants and light stabilizers
  4. How to select the best stabilization system for your formulation
  5. Discussion about the impact of regulatory restrictions on the stabilizers


  1. Polymer degradation mechanism
  2. Type of additives to prevent degradation and slow the aging process
  3. Antioxidant types and mechanisms
  4. Light stabilizers: UV absorbers and HALS
  5. Establishing the right stabilization systems and examples
  6. Regulatory climate discussion

Who Should Attend:

This webinar will be applicable to all adhesive markets including B&C, Transportation, Assembly, etc. Professionals in technical functions, manufacturing, and sales and marketing will gain in-depth knowledge of the topic. Technology managers, process engineers, chemists, and scientists will learn the degradation pathways and stabilization methods for their formulations.


Dr. Weihong Lang - Director of Technology, Mayzo Inc.

Dr. Weihong Lang

Dr. Weihong Lang is the Director of Technology at Mayzo, Inc., a company providing custom stabilization solutions across a wide variety of applications for over 35 years. Weihong received her PhD in Polymer Chemistry at Sheffield University, UK. For more than 15 years, Weihong has held senior research positions at chemical, tape, and medical device companies. She has earned thirteen US patents and had five papers published. Weihong is now leading the company’s R&D efforts to expand and improve specialty chemical product offerings to meet the continually evolving needs of growing customer base. She also provides technical support and training on the properties and applications of Mayzo’s products, both at the customer level and at education sessions during industry trade shows and conferences.