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Hidden Insights: Use of Life Cycle Assessment ~ FREE

Hidden Insights: Use of Life Cycle Assessment ~ FREE


Friday, July 12, 2024
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EDT)

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Event Details

This is a Free to Attend webinar for everyone.

Is my product “green”? There’s not a universal definition for that, but there are powerful tools and approaches to determine which options may be better and also, very importantly, what the trade-offs may be.  The session will present “life cycle assessment” (LCA) as way to understand potential environmental impacts of products and action, to enable better decisions.  LCA can be used with great rigor, review and documentation to make marketing claims or meet customer or investment expectations.   LCA can also be used more quickly and simply to inform other decisions.  LCA provides “hidden insights” – things we can’t know by looking at or analyzing a product, but can only learn by knowing how and where it was made.      

Learning Objective:

  1. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a tool to understand environmental impacts of what we make and do. 
  2. LCA enables us to know trade-offs and make better “big picture” decisions. 
  3. We can gain insights for both daily life and how we make, use and market our products.
  4. Environmental claims can only be made following standards, with transparency and detail. 
  5. Although it can be quite detailed and complex, good insights can be gained with simple analysis.


  1. Our shared responsibility for life on earth
  2. What is life cycle assessment (LCA) and how is it done? 
  3. LCA provides unique insights we can’t get by looking at a product
  4. A bit of history – soda bottles
  5. Insights from simple, qualitative analysis:  circular plastic.
  6. Insights about supply chains and product use:  a cup of coffee
  7. Insights about trade off:  lower toxicity surfactant
  8. Insights about “how it’s made” :  shoes with bio content   
  9. Summary

Who Should Attend:

Professionals in  technical functions in Building and construction, paper board, packaging and transportation market segments will benefit from this webinar. Don't miss this webinar if you are in Research and development, Technical services and application or Sales and Marketing. 


Richard Helling
Helling Sustainability LLC


Dr. Rich Helling is Principal of Helling Sustainability LLC, founded after nearly 35 years at Dow, where he was the Global Expertise Principal in Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and had experience in process research, development, manufacturing, and sustainability.   From 2010 onwards, he was part of Dow’s sustainability group, using LCA, developing new tools, metrics and strategies. Rich holds a bachelors' degree from Harvey Mudd College with majors in Engineering and History, a masters' degree in Chemical Engineering Practice from MIT, and a doctorate in Chemical Engineering, also from MIT.  He also taught at MIT and University of Michigan.