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Certified Mass Balance and Attribution Approaches ~ FREE


Friday, August 23, 2024
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EDT)

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Event Details

This is a Free to Attend webinar for everyone.

Driving up recycling rates and non-conventional resource use is key to reduce fossil resource exploitation and greenhouse gas emissions. Different chain of custody approaches exist to integrate more non-conventional raw materials into value chains. The mass balance approach and its certiafication by third party multi-stakeholder certification systems is a complementary opportunity. Mass balance enables large scale existing assets to co-process non-conventional materials and increase recycling rates and the use of biogenic raw materials. ISCC PLUS certifies different chain of custody approaches and has established clear rules for mass balancing, integrating different attribution approaches and enabling companies and brand owners to make credible claims.      

Learning Objective:

  1. Understanding the mass malance approach 
  2. Why mass balance is needed as a complementary solution
  3. Third-party certification and how to prepare for certification  Developments on different attribution approaches
  4. Regulatory framework around mass balance
  5. Benefits for companies and brand owners; on and off-product claims with mass balance


  1. Certification: Overview ISCC and ISCC PLUS
  2. Traceability and chain of custody approaches
  3. Mass balance and attribution – practical steps for implementation
  4. Legislative developments
  5. Logo use & claims

Who Should Attend:

Professionals in  technical functions in Building and construction, paper board, packaging and transportation market segments will benefit from this webinar. Don't miss this webinar if you are in Research and development, Technical services and application or Sales and Marketing. 


Jan Henke
ISCC & Meo Carbon Solutions

Jan studied International Economics. He then worked for four years at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy in the research area of environmental and resource economics. During that time, he also acquired his PhD. He then joined Meo Carbon Solutions, a management consultancy focusing on sustainability, climate change, carbon markets, renewable resources and energies, bio- and circular economy and sustainability certification. He leads the ISCC PLUS development.