Mission and Vision
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ASC delivers career education, innovation collaboration, community knowledge sharing and a unified industry voice. Together, we accelerate the adoption of adhesives and sealants to strengthen our member businesses.


Innovators secure the future with adhesives and sealants.

ASC supports its Mission and achieves its Vision through six objectives and supporting tactics:

Objective 1: Career Education – Deliver core fundamentals education and experiential learning throughout a member’s career.

To achieve this, and under the ASC Training Academy, the Council produces two Conventions, produces five short courses and manages 12+ webinars annually. It also manages 45+ on-demand training webinars.

ASC is in the process of developing a new employee Certificate program and creating three new short courses.

Objective 2: Community Knowledge Integration
– Facilitate knowledge sharing across the adhesive and sealant community.

To achieve this, ASC publishes a North American Market Report, Asia Market Report, PSA in North America, Central and South America Market Report and Caulks and Sealants in North America Market Report. It is developing a Polyurethane in North America, Hot Melt in North America and Waterborne in North America, market report. Each of the technology reports are customer centric and deliver “unmet needs and wants” from the downstream community.

ASC also produces Forums that cover emerging issues including Sustainability, GHS changes or other market oriented challenges. It also manages the Adhesion Society, serves as a primary contact point for affiliated global trade associations and partners with FEICA and ARAC to produce the World Adhesives Conference every four years.

Objective 3: Innovation – Accelerate innovation across the adhesives and sealants supply chain.
To achieve this, ASC hosts an EXPO that brings 85+ raw material and equipment suppliers together to meet with manufacturers.

It also will be hosting a 10 Years Out Program that shares thought provoking concepts on where industry, technology and manufacturing could be over the next ten years, in order to spur innovation at the product, company or industry level.

The Council will also communicate success via its “Innovation in Application” Awards program.


Objective 4: Unified Industry Voice – communicate the benefits of the adhesives and sealants industry, and create compelling ways to tell our industry’s story to inform and influence important audiences.

To achieve this, ASC develops a proactive regulatory stance on all major issues facing the industry. We develop an annual “Issues Matrix” that guides all communications and advocacy efforts. We host an annual Fly In to Capitol Hill in partnership with the National Association of Manufacturers, and develop compelling videos that support our communications efforts.

ASC is also partnering with the American Chemistry Council in developing tools and services that evaluate materials.


Objective 5: Growth – accelerate adoption of adhesives and sealants solutions and help minimize barriers to market growth.

To achieve this, ASC is developing a multi-year communications program targeting growing markets that will “warm the design engineer” to the benefits of adhesives and sealants, and allow its members to grow their business in collaboration with the communications program.

ASC will also host and maintain a strong education portal at www.adhesives.org and www.sealants.org to educate design engineers on the benefits of adhesives and sealants.


Objective 6: Organizational Effectiveness – provide organizational alignment, enabling infrastructure, leadership and operational excellence to support the other strategic initiatives and on-going operations.

To achieve this, ASC’s Executive Committee works closely with its President to determine and assess key investments across human, technology, facilities, structural and governance resources to achieve overall objectives.

The Council also updates its Long Range Plan every three years, as part of a formal process, and commits to a 3-year execution road map to ensure that the plan is properly supported.


To support the Council’s Mission and Vision, the Council’s Board of Directors has adopted the following Long Range Plan:


It is the policy of the Council to comply strictly with the letter and spirit of all applicable trade regulations and antitrust laws. Any activities of the Council or Council-related actions of its officers, directors, members, member representatives or staff which violate these regulations and laws are contrary to Council policy.

All Council activities or discussions are avoided which might be construed as tending to: (1) raise, lower or stabilize prices; (2) regulate production; (3) allocate markets; (4) encourage boycotts; (5) foster unfair trade practices; (6) assist in monopolization; or in any way violate applicable trade regulations and antitrust laws.

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