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Chart Your Company's Data Against 101 Industry Critical Metrics Tailored to the Adhesive & Sealant Industry

The ITR Market Forecasting Tool, available to ASC members only, is a powerful tool to help your company forecast sales with a five month to one year outlook* in a specific market or sector using 101 key metrics specifically chosen for the adhesives and sealants industry (see list below). Each metric is dynamic with regular updates to provide ASC member companies access to the latest industry data and forecasts.

This tool is ideal for analysts, product management and sales teams!

View a recorded WEBINAR (on Vimeo) with Anne Sartorelli from ITR Economics showing the tool and its capabilities. You can also download a bonus ECONOMIC UPDATE presented on April 1, 2020 from ITR Economics HERE(PDF of PowerPoint).

How it Works

The ITR Market Forecasting Tool is accessed via a secure online portal. Users upload company sales data and compare it to any of the 101 custom picked metrics in specific markets or sectors. Each metric was specifically chosen by ASC and many are unique to our industry. Companies can compare sales performance against these key metrics. Additionally, companies can seek publicly traded company quarterly reports** to plot against multiple metrics and provide a five month to one year* forecast.

Key Features:
  • Allows users to securely and confidentially upload unlimited datasets for analysis
  • Provides information on the Phases of the Business Cycle
  • Identifies your business's correlations to the key economic and business drivers
  • Generates a timing analysis between your company data and the economic indicators
  • Online access – users pull reports autonomously
  • Designed for ease of use by business executives and analysts who are not economists
  • Users upload company information confidentially and generate trend comparisons
  • Access to ITR Economics Customer Care Specialists
  • Users create charts based on highly correlated indicators
  • Access to the most relevant business indicators as well as those specifically chosen for ASC members
  • Export all charts created in excel or PDF format

Values Provided:
  • Understand events impacting business
  • Increase internal forecasting accuracy
  • Inform effective marketing strategies
  • Benchmark internal success

Data is available in the following sectors (hover over each):

Building & Construction (17 Metrics) BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION:
US Total New Construction
US Total Residential Construction
US Total Nonresidential Construction
US Private Single-Family Residential Construction
US Private Multi-Family Residential Construction
US Total Commercial Construction
US Construction Materials and Supplies New Orders
US Housing Unit Building Permits
US Total Education Construction
US Total Hospital Construction
US Private Multi-Tenant Retail Construction
US Private Manufacturing Construction
US Private Office Construction
US Public Water and Sewer Facilities Construction
US Private Warehouse Construction
US Single-Unit Housing Starts
US Multi-Unit Housing Starts

Transportation (13 Metrics) TRANSPORTATION:
US Motor Vehicle Parts Production Index
US Transportation Equipment Production Index
North America "Big Three" Light Truck Production
US Light Vehicle Month-End Inventory Days Supply
US Heavy Duty Truck Retail Sales
US Light Duty Truck Retail Sales
US Medium Duty Truck Retail Sales
Total US Motor Vehicle Assemblies; s.a.
US Auto Assemblies; s.a.
US Autos and Light Truck Assemblies
US Heavy Duty Truck Production Index
US Civilian Aircraft Equipment Production Index
North America Light Vehicle Production

Paperboard and Related Products (10 Metrics) PAPERBOARD/PACKAGING:
US Rubber Products Production Index
US Plastics Products Production Index
US Rubber and Plastics Products Production Index
US Pulp, Paper, and Board Mills Production Index
US Paper Mills Production Index
Paperboard Production Index
US Paper Bag and Coated and Treated Paper Production Index
US Wholesale Inventories of Paper and Paper Products
Printing and Related Support Activities Utilization Rate
US Cleaning Supplies and Paper Products Price Index

Assembly Operations (9 Metrics): ASSEMBLY OPERATIONS:
US Machinery New Orders
US Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component Production Index
US Household Appliance Production Index
US Electrical Equipment, Appliances and Components New Orders
US Refrigeration and HVAC Equipment Production Index
US Construction Machinery New Orders
US Computer and Electronics New Orders
US Electrical Equipment New Orders
US Medical Equipment and Supplies Production Index

Footwear & Leather (3 Metrics): CHEMICAL-OIL/GAS FOCUSED:
GDP Gross Output by Industry for Apparel and Leather and Allied Products
Leather Producer Price Index
Apparel and Leather Goods Utilization Rate

Woodworking (7 Metrics): WOODWORKING:
GDP Gross Output by Industry for Wood Products
Building Paper & Board Producer Price Index
US Other Wood Products Production Index
US Veneer and Plywood Production Index
US Millwork Production Index
US Veneer, Plywood, and Engineered Wood Product Production Index
Wood Pulp Mills Production Index

Consumer/DIY (11 Metrics): CONSUMER/DIY:
US Median New Home Sales Price
US Furniture and Home Furnishings Retail Sales
US Home Furnishings Retail Sales
US Hardware Production Index
US Hardware Stores Retail Sales
US Building Materials and Supplies Dealers Retail Sales
Home Depot Sales
Lowes Sales
US Private Home Improvement Construction
ITR Retail Sales Leading Indicator™
US Total Retail Sales

USA General Indicators (19 Metrics) USA GENERAL INDICATORS:
US Industrial Production Index
US Real Gross Domestic Product
US Private Sector Employment
US Nondefense Capital Goods New Orders (excluding aircraft)
US Wholesale Trade of Durable Goods
US Wholesale Trade of Nondurable Goods
US Total Industry Capacity Utilization Rate
US Conference Board Leading Indicator
US ISM PMI (Purchasing Managers Index)
US Consumer Price Index
US Government Long-Term Bond Yields
US Producer Price Index
S&P 500 Stock Prices Index
US Defense Capital Goods New Orders
US Steel Scrap Producer Price Index
US Food Production Index
US Industrial Machinery New Orders
US Mining Production Index (excluding oil and gas)
US Metal Working Machinery New Orders

Global Indicators (8 Metrics): GLOBAL INDICATORS:
Canada Industrial Production
Mexico Industrial Production Index
Brazil Manufacturing and Mining Industrial Production Index
Western Europe Industrial Production Index
Eastern Europe Industrial Production Index
India Industrial Production Index
China Industrial Production Index
ITR Leading Indicator™

Chemical-Oil/Gas Focused Indicators (4 Metrics): CHEMICAL-OIL/GAS FOCUSED:
Natural Gas Futures Prices
US Crude Oil Futures Prices
US Chemicals and Chemical Products Production Index
US Oil and Gas Extraction Production Index

Download a Packet for Complete Information (PDF)


To purchase this powerful tool and discuss the affordable pricing options contact Myranda Nickoloff by email or call 301-986-9767.

Read a BLOG from Steve Duren at ASC detailing the tool.

View a recorded WEBINAR (on Vimeo) with Anne Sartorelli from ITR Economics showing the tool and its capabilities. You can also download a bonus ECONOMIC UPDATE presented on April 1, 2020 from ITR Economics HERE(PDF of PowerPoint).
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