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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ASC Announces Scholarship Program to Help Secure the Future

Posted By ASC, Tuesday, November 28, 2017



Media Contact:

William Allmond

(301) 986-9700 x111





Program initiated in memory of Gene Simmons, An Industry Icon 


November 28, 2017 – Bethesda, MD – The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) announced today the establishment of a new scholarship program for undergraduate students pursuing a degree in a science-related or business field of study.


The ASC Scholarship Program was initiated in memory of Gene Simmons, one of the industry’s most experienced, knowledgeable and respected pressure sensitive adhesive formulators. Gene was very dedicated to his development work, but recognized the tremendous importance of passing his knowledge onto those less experienced in his field. In keeping with his spirit of willing mentorship, this award was started with the support of the ASC to support students in pursuit of their degree in a related field.

“Today’s college students are tomorrow’s formulators, process and design engineers, chemists, technologists, and sales and marketing professionals,” said Bill Allmond, ASC’s President. “Helping them secure their future helps our industry secure ours,” he said.

Scholarships will be awarded annually to three to five applicants, depending on the availability of funding, in an amount ranging between $500-$1,000 each, depending on the volume of selections.

To be considered for scholarship funds through the ASC Scholarship Program, candidates must:

• Be a full-time junior or senior at an accredited college, university, or community college.
• Be pursuing a degree in a science-related or business field of study.
• Be a direct relative (child, stepchild or grandchild) of an employee currently employed by an active member of the ASC (“Active member” will be defined as any company that is in good standing as a current member of the ASC and has a record of recent participation in ASC programs and/or attendance at ASC conferences and events.)

Students interested in applying are required submit a brief statement by February 1, 2018 discussing:

• the applicant’s education, future career interests, academic or leadership achievements and relevant professional experience, and
• how their education, experience, and achievements are potentially applicable to the adhesives and sealants industry.

“I would like to thank ASC member Evans Adhesive Corporation, where Gene Simmons worked prior to his death, for spearheading this scholarship program,” Allmond said. “I cannot think of a better way to keep Gene’s memory alive than through supporting those who are seeking a future in an industry he loved.”


The ASC Scholarship Program is funded exclusively from donations. Your support is greatly appreciated. For information about making a donation, please visit


Scholarships will be announced at the 2018 ASC Annual Spring Convention in Miami, FL during the Opening Luncheon on Tuesday, April 24th. Scholarship funds are sent to the financial aid offices at the recipient’s college or university.


For more about the ASC Scholarship Program, please visit


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Airline Maintenance Clients Can Now Shop Online for Approved Adhesives from PPG

Posted By ASC, Tuesday, November 21, 2017

There are times when airlines need to get small maintenance and repair jobs done fast and need approved adhesives in a hurry. PPG SEMCO® products consist of a range of adhesives and sealants, and the company says it hopes its new online store will help airline maintenance staff to place orders and receive the materials they need much sooner. It points out that downtime for an aircraft is costly to airline operators, hence the new online store that allows registered clients to order, purchase, and arrange for free delivery of PPG SEMCO® products.


PPG Aerospace’s clients will also be able to purchase the necessary application equipment from the PPG SEMKIT® range including cartridges, nozzles, syringes, smoothing, tools, and so on along with the coatings, sealants, transparencies and transparent armor the company manufactures. The company says that it hopes to expand its global reach beyond the 70 countries it already serves soon, and the online sales platform will likely help to improve accessibility to PPG products in other countries too.


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Researchers Propose Gecko-Inspired Adhesive for Underwater Robotics

Posted By ASC, Thursday, November 16, 2017

The gecko’s amazing ability to “stick” to substrates has inspired numerous adhesive technologies that will bond with substrates and then release their grip in response to temperature changes, light exposure, or magnetic fields. But this biomimicry has only been used in dry conditions so far. Now scientists say that a double-sided adhesive that works in wet conditions is feasible.


Researchers examined hydrogels that can contract and expand depending on pH and other variables. The development was reported in ACS' Journal of Physical Chemistry C. They were able to integrate nanostructured hydrogel fibers on an inorganic membrane. It responded to alterations in pH, providing high friction and strong adhesion at an acidic pH and switching to low friction and adhesion at high pH. By incorporating the hydrogel on both sides of the membrane, they were able to obtain a tape that could behave in different ways on either side of the membrane. The research team has posited possible uses for its discovery, and these include its potential use in underwater robotics.


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Traditional Belgian Beer Maker Switches to Digitally Printed Self-Adhesive Labels

Posted By ASC, Tuesday, November 14, 2017

In Belgium, beer brewing is an art that is executed with the same passion as the French produce wine. The Belgian abbey-brewed beers form part of this tradition, but now, a traditional brand is opting for a modern improvement: self-adhesive, digitally printed labels. The company used to use wet-adhesive labels, but the self-adhesive labels it has chosen will make reusing the bottles after washing off labels much easier as well as offering an improved presentation to attract customers to the brand.


Label D’Or worked with the brewers to develop the labelling solution they were looking for. The labelling company sourced suitable paper and chose an adhesive backing that would meet its customer’s needs for easy application and removal coupled with attractive presentation. The client, Val-Dieu Brewery prints the labels in-house using a Xeikon 5-color digital press. After printing, a coating is applied and the labels are wound onto reels for easy application. The Brewery says that its move towards self-adhesive labels has enhanced efficiencies.


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HB Fuller Acquires Royal Adhesives & Sealants LLC

Posted By ASC, Thursday, November 9, 2017

Private equity firm American Securities LLC has announced that Royal Adhesives & Sealants has been acquired by HB Fuller. Royal welcomed the transaction, saying that it will be able to grow further as part of HB Fuller. The company is known for its specialized adhesives, laminating agents, and sealants, and serves markets ranging from aerospace to packaging.  American Securities has divulged that the purchase price for Royal was $1.575 billion.


With its purchase of Royal, HB Fuller obtains a range of proprietary products based on solvent, water-based, urethane and thermosetting epoxy technologies that have been designed for specialized applications across a wide spectrum of industries. THe company reports that it will also benefit from the strong customer relationships that Royal has forged over the years and the company specifically develops products to match the problems posed by demanding technical requirements.


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Click Bond’s Karl Hutter Named to Manufacturers Association Board of Directors

Posted By ASC, Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) announced that Karl Hutter, president and CEO of Click Bond, Inc., has been named to the NAM Board of Directors. Hutter will join the NAM Board to advance a manufacturing policy agenda that promotes growth and prosperity for all Americans.

Founded in 1895, the NAM, guided by its Board of Directors, is the largest industrial trade association in the United States with more than 14,000 members and is the nation’s most influential advocate for manufacturing. The NAM’s membership includes some of the world’s most iconic brands, and many of the small manufacturers who power the U.S. economy. More than 90 percent of our members are small and medium-sized businesses.

The NAM is at the forefront of every important policy debate for manufacturers. Executives on the NAM Board, which comprises leaders representing companies of all sizes in every industrial sector, are the driving force behind the NAM’s advocacy efforts.


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Adhesive Bonding Helps Bemis Service Major Fashion Brands to Improve Clothing Manufacture and Design

Posted By ASC, Monday, November 6, 2017

Fashion house Dyne caused a sensation with its recent streetwear collection featuring Sewfree products. The company says that replacing traditional seams with adhesive bonds has helped it to create sleeker, more lightweight designs with added elements such as fluorescent adhesive tapes.


Other major brands to adopt the technology include outdoor gear manufacturers Patagonia. In this instance, the focus is on survival in extreme conditions. Its designer chose adhesives over stitching to eliminate holes and create a waterproof barrier, but also praised the aesthetic benefits of using adhesives as a replacement for stitching. Other major brands to choose Sewfree methods include Victoria’s Secret, Nike, and Alexander Wang.


Prime movers in this fashion revolution are Boston-based adhesive manufacturers, Bemis. The company was able to demonstrate the comfort, flexibility, and protective advantages of adhesives to clothing manufacturers, and several major brands have already adopted the technology. Sewfree is a specialized double-sided tape that is activated by exposure to heat. And little though the majority of people know it, most people already have several garments made using bonding rather than stitching.


The flexibility of the adhesive is greater than that of a sewn seam and allows for the manufacture of lighter-weight sportswear. It also solves problems such as that presented by the demand for pockets designed for carrying electronics. The pocket must be tear-resistant and waterproof, and adhesives make this possible. Product safety and durability have been thoroughly explored, and wearer comfort is ultimately enhanced, especially when it comes to activewear in which sewn seams may cause uncomfortable chafing.


Apart from allowing advances in design, durability, and comfort, Sewfree helps manufacturers to manufacture quality items while reducing the time and labor needed to create a finished product. Bemis says that its consultants spend time working with manufacturers on factory floors, teaching workers how to implement Sewfree methods. Automated bonding is currently under development and will further optimize efficiencies for companies that adopt the technology. In the near future, the company envisions Sewfree as replacing all stitching in clothing, resulting in a clothing industry that is far less labor-intensive than is currently the case.

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Henkel Reduces Environmental Impact with Packaging Recycling Program

Posted By ASC, Thursday, November 2, 2017

Henkel, manufacturers of adhesives such as the Loctite brand, introduced a recycling program for anaerobic adhesive packaging in 2016. To do so, the company partnered with TerraCycle, and the partnership has recently added light cure adhesive containers to its joint recycling program. Henkel’s clients simply purchase a box with postage prepaid, fill it with Loctite adhesive containers, and post it to TerraCycle. Once at the recycling plant, the containers are thermally treated so that they can be converted into new plastics.


Henkel says that the program is aligned with its commitment to reduce its environmental footprint throughout product lifecycles and that, by participating, its clients will be able to work towards improving their own sustainability profiles.  TerraCycle noted that the program expands on its existing relationship with Henkel and that its introduction of a recycling option for light cure adhesive containers will open new avenues for recycling to Henkel’s clients.


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Medical Wearables Rely on Smart Adhesive Selection

Posted By ASC, Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Medical wearables are advancing by leaps and bounds, using advanced electronics to monitor patients and adhesive skin patches to deliver medications transdermally. But the one thing all these devices have in common is the need for adhesives to affix them to skin and to bond components together. Terminologically, the former would be defined as a skin contact layer while the latter is called a tie-layer, and this distinction would have a profound influence on the choice of adhesives.


Moisture management is another important consideration. Adhesive materials help to keep patients comfortable by dealing with sweat. Moisture vapor transmission through tiny holes in the adhesive represents one strategy, while others keep clamminess at bay through moisture absorption. Materials would also influence the efficacy of adhesives in moisture management. For example, if a porous, breathable adhesive is used to bond materials, it will not function as intended if the materials chosen lack porosity.


Adhesives manufacturers have developed vapor-transmission adhesive products ranging from acrylic adhesives to single or double-sided tapes. When the device itself does not allow for breathability, a hypercolloid gel layer between the device and the skin-contact adhesive provides a moisture management option. Patient comfort is always important, and when skin is damaged or delicate, silicone-based adhesive gels provide a gentle solution. Whatever the adhesive choice, the device must adhere to skin and yet be able to peel away without discomfort to the wearer.


Adhesive choices will vary depending on the area of the body where the device will be worn. Areas where the skin is flexible will require adhesives that can flex with the skin, while areas where the skin is flat and tight would not require the same degree of flexibility.


Finally, biocompatibility is an essential property when choosing adhesives for wearable devices. Extensive tests determine whether adhesives have any toxic effects and whether they may cause skin irritations. Due diligence throughout the value chain and adherence to the highest standards provide the final ingredients that assure us of safe, biocompatible, and comfortable wearable medical devices.


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Bostik Expands Manufacturing Presence in India

Posted By ASC, Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Arkema’s specialist adhesive division, Bostik, has announced the opening of its new plant in Gujarat, India. The new facility will focus on the production of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives for the growing market in India and its surrounding regions. The products to be manufactured at the facility will be used in applications requiring flexible lamination, in the transportation industry, and in manufacturing industries such as those producing footwear.


The new plant boasts the latest techniques and technologies and has been designed for both production efficiency and worker safety. The company says that this addition to its existing India-based production facilities in Bangalore will enable it to better serve a growing market both in India and across its borders. The new facility is evidence of the company’s current growth strategy as evidenced by therecent commissioning of plants in Sweden, the Philippines, and Malaysia.


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