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Loctite Launches Multi-Purpose Structural Repair Adhesive that Cures in Five Minutes

Posted By ASC, Friday, February 23, 2018

Loctite’s recent release of LOCTITE HY 4060 GY adds a new product to its Universal Structural Bonding range. The adhesive can be used to bond plastics, wood, metals and rubber within five minutes and is intended for use as general-purpose repair adhesive. The rapid curing time remains the same, even when there is a relatively large gap that must be filled. The adhesive is also durable in harsh environments including those subjected to moisture, chemicals and temperature extremes.


The company says that its product will help maintenance engineers to get things done faster and that they can use it as a single solution to a wide variety of repair challenges instead of having to use a range of adhesives which each have a different purpose. Variable gaps between materials and mixed substrates need not present a problem, says Loctite. The adhesive can fill gaps of up to 5mm creating strong bonds that remain durable even at high temperatures. 

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ASC Announces Significant Expansion of Member Programs and Services

Posted By ASC, Wednesday, February 21, 2018



Media Contact:

William Allmond

(301) 986-9700 x111






February 21, 2018 – Bethesda, MD – The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) announced significant expansion of member programs and services today through the development of a Board-approved 2020 Long Range Plan. Beginning this year and extending through 2020, ASC will be delivering 12 new initiatives that will strengthen the ASC value proposition for member companies.

“There has never been a time in the ASC’s 60-year history where so much value is being delivered back to our members for their dues investment,” said ASC’s President, William Allmond.

Financial and staff resources are now being deployed to deliver or develop the first of several new initiatives planned for 2018, including:

  • A Certificate Program for marketing and business development professionals
  • An advanced technology component to ASC’s Training Academy
  • A university outreach program that bridges our industry with academia and students
  • A community of high-potential, emerging leaders where they identify specific skill sets essential for future mobility
  • The second of a two-part adhesive and sealant selection guide for auto manufacturers
  • Engagement with big-box retailers to promote dialogue about chemicals management
  • A members-only information-sharing network that keeps members updated on global regulatory developments
  • The ASC North America Market Report 2018-2020

“Because ASC’s members value what they personally participate in, the ASC Long Range Plan is about ways we engage them that personally and professionally impact them in powerful ways,” said Allmond. “It’s about creating opportunities for our members where none exist and ensuring ASC’s priorities and resources are aligned with their evolving needs and expectations.”


For more information, please visit our website, view a short video, and download a copy of ASC’s 2020 Long Range Plan.


Download the Press Release



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PermalinkComments (0) BLOG: Sustain. Strength. Secure. The 2018 Institute of Building Sciences; Building Innovation Conference

Posted By ASC, Tuesday, February 20, 2018

BLOG:  Sustain. Strength. Secure. The 2018 Institute of Building Sciences; Building Innovation Conference
By Paul Bertram, Expert Blogger


2018 started out with the National Institute of Building Sciences; Building Innovation Conference in Washington DC. This year’s theme was Sustain. Strength. Secure.

Those themes were supported by a number of experts that presented current and future trends to these themes.

The Consultative Council

Before the conference started, the Consultative Council met where the attending associations and organizations reported on their respective initiatives. Discussions included: Congressional Briefing by Ryan Colker, regarding NIBS Publications/Outreach including the Consultative 2017 Document: Moving Forward: Findings and Recommendations for the Consultative Council. Key areas of focus include: Building the Industry of the Future; Design & Construction Operations; Policies, Codes and Standards; Shifting the Industry; Technology; Sensors, Controls and the Internet of Things; Cybersecurity; Virtual & Augmented Reality, Drones and Additive Manufacturing; Workforce; Research;Recommendations. This report will soon be posted on the website.

Another group that was represented at the Consultative Council meeting and had a separate meeting was the Resilient Buildings Coalition headed up by Rachel Minnery of AIA. Resilience. As I have written about this is a topic very relevant to ASC members...



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Olympic Athletes and Officials at Winter Games in PyeongChang More Comfortable Thanks to Dow Corning

Posted By ASC, Friday, February 16, 2018

The Winter Olympics requires chilly venues, and PyeongChang fits the bill. Modular housing was erected to accommodate officials and athletes, and Dow Corning was there to make the structures more comfortable and energy efficient with its silicone construction products, and its polyurethane and coating technologies. As the Olympics’ Official Chemistry Company, Dow Corning supplied Dow PAPI Polymeric MDI to insulate PIR panels against the outside chill.

The modular units are erected within hours using prefabricated panels, cost half as much as regular structures, and are 98 percent recyclable. To ensure further comfort and safety, the structures were sealed using Dow Corning 1001 Perimeter Silicone Sealant, a durable and weather-resistant product that is also fire resistant. Interior walls are finished with ACRYSOL™ Rheology Modifiers, PRIMAL™ Acrylic Low VOC and Low Odor Emulsion Polymers, and WALOCEL™ Cellulosic, allowing for paint-ready surfaces that are durable and easy to clean.

Even the mattresses athletes sleep on include a contribution form Dow: Dow VORANOL™ Technology used in the mattress’ slab foam. The company explains that this product enhances the shape and flexibility of the foam when it is under compression, allowing it to be more comfortable and breathable.



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Adjustable Rigidity Allows New Adhesive to be Hard or Soft – or Both at Once

Posted By ASC, Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Airplanes, wind turbines, cars, and even orthopedic appliances need to be lightweight, while bonded components must also be able to have rigid bonds to substrates that are nevertheless flexible enough to withstand stress at the joint zone. Application-orientated research organization Fraunhofer believes that it has discovered the solution with MetAK, a new adhesive formula that allows technicians to choose the amount of hardness or flexibility they need.


When the adhesive is exposed to UV light and heat, it becomes harder, while untreated areas retain a rubbery consistency. The company says that its discovery will eliminate the need for using a variety of adhesives with different properties since it can be adjusted to compensate for the specific frequency of the vibrations to which it will be exposed. Longer exposure to UV light will result in greater hardness, and full hardening can be achieved through an additional heat treatment at 100 to 180 degrees centigrade.


The material can also be used to cast complete shapes. Radiation and heat can then be used to create zones of varying hardness or softness. This potentially makes it suitable for use in the manufacture of orthopedic appliances, and it has already been used to manufacture corsets that provide spinal support for scoliosis patients. Because the corset can be flexible in areas not requiring support, the appliance offers a greater level of comfort. Fraunhofer says that the technology can also be used in the manufacture of prostheses and orthopedic shoes.


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Adhesive Makes L'Oreal's Reusable UV-Measuring Skin Patch Possible

Posted By ASC, Monday, February 12, 2018

Today’s adhesive technologies makes it possible for the makers of wearable devices to produce products that attach directly to substrates, stay in place and yet be easy to peel off. But they can also be reusable, with the adhesive maintaining its stickiness despite the device being removed and replaced.


Skincare company, L’Oreal has used the opportunity to come up with a battery-free wearable device that consists of nothing more than a patch with areas treated with photosensitive dye. People who are concerned about the effects of UV-exposure on skin can attach the patch to sunglasses, a clothing item, or even a fingernail to monitor their sun exposure and protection. A smartphone app interprets the effect of sunshine on the dye and gives the user a report on their UV exposure levels, allowing them to move out of the sun when damage may ensue.


The reusable adhesive layer is the key to making this device, which is expected to cost $30, possible, and L’Oreal expects to launch its adhesive-backed UV monitoring wearable in 2019


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Newly-Released Breathable, Plasticizer-Free Adhesives from Lubrizol

Posted By ASC, Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Lubrizol Corporation has launched two plasticizer-free thermoplastic polyurethane adhesives that the company expects to perform well across a broad range of applications. The products form part of the Pearlbond 300 TPU series of adhesives and feature a low activation temperature and the ability to bond a wide variety of substrates.


The hot-melt adhesives can be used to bond technical textiles, can be used in the manufacture of apparel, footwear, and conveyor belts, and will tolerate exposure to hostile environments and heavy use according to the company. Pearlbond 360 TPU is breathable, while Pearlbond 960 TPU is designed for outdoor applications where UV resistance is required.


In line with the rest of the Pearlbond range, the company reports that both adhesives combine high bond strength with durability, and the ability to withstand impact and temperature fluctuations. The company says that its new products were designed to meet customer requirements and that it will continue to search for ways to meet specific needs across the industries it serves.


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Researchers Take the Next Step Towards Adhesive That Matches the Adhesion of the Gecko’s Foot

Posted By ASC, Tuesday, February 6, 2018

For decades, scientists have been seeking to emulate the adhesive properties of the gecko’s foot. Progress has been made, but up till now, the stickiness of the dry adhesives that have attempted to do this has failed to match that of the gecko’s keratin-bristled toes. Some techniques have used multiple layers of adhesive, but subsequent layers invariably damage the first one.

Now researchers, funded by the Singapore University of Technology and Design, have announced a new technique that will allow the manufacture of a super-sticky dry adhesive that can be produced in bulk. To prevent damage to the initial layer of adhesive, a sacrificial layer, which completely dissolves on application of the subsequent one, is applied. In trials, the capacity of the adhesive to repeatedly attach, detach, and reattach was tested. The new technique allowed for 50 attachments and reattachments with only a twenty percent reduction in the adhesive’s ability to form a bond. This degree of adhesion was maintained for up to 200 cycles. To demonstrate its ability to mimic gecko-like adhesion, the research team used a robot which was able to ascend a thirty-degree incline with ease thanks to the adhesive.

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Dow Corning Rebrands its Silicone Materials

Posted By ASC, Monday, February 5, 2018

Dow Corning has announced that it will re-brand its range of high-performance silicone materials used in the construction industry. However, those seeking out familiar products will still be able to recognize them thanks to their descriptive product names. For example, Dow Corning 983 Structural Glazing Sealant will now be called Dowsil 983 Structural Glazing Sealant.


To go with the new brand name, the company will be launching a new website targeting its construction industry consumers. The company says that the website will enable its clients to find the right products to match their needs and will feature access to customer support and technical support as well as regular consumer updates, and access to a variety of helpful resources.


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Adhesive Allows for the Development of One of the Strongest Smartphone Screen Protectors Ever

Posted By ASC, Thursday, February 1, 2018

Smartphones with touchscreens are ubiquitous these days, but protecting the screen from scratches and impacts remains a problem. Now, ZAGG Inc, specialists in screen protectors, has come up with a new approach to screen protection and has launched what it calls “the strongest curved glass screen protector ever.”


It has piloted the release of its design with securely fitting curved glass screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ and says that the secret to its stronger-than-ever product lies in a new gel adhesive that creates a shock-absorbing layer between screen and screen protector.


The company says that besides offering better protection for screens, the new approach allows it to overcome the problems that have previously been associated with curved screens and screen protectors. These include lifting edges, halo-effects, and a reduction in the screen’s sensitivity to touch. The surface finish is also said to be smudge and fingerprint resistant, eliminating yet another annoyance that plagues smartphone users.


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