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Electric Motor Permanent Magnet Positioning Simplified with 3M Adhesives Technology

Posted By ASC, Thursday, February 11, 2016

The drive towards global energy efficiency extends to the design of electric motors that reduce energy losses. Permanent magnet motors are considered to be the solution, but bonding the magnets to the engine’s rotors previously required the use of liquid adhesives, and mispositioning of magnets resulted in rework and waste.


Now, a new adhesive system from 3M in the form of a low-tack double-sided tape that combines a modified structural epoxy adhesive and a thickness control system simplifies the process. The Magnet Bonding AdhesiveAU-205 combines high bond strength with chemical resistance, and contains no Volatile Organic Compounds, thereby improving workplace safety.


The tape makes precise positioning, and repositioning of the magnets (when necessary) possible. It can be ‘metered’ through cutting or slitting, thereby reducing ‘squeeze out’ of the adhesive when pressure is applied and overcomes the problem of shifting when pressure is unevenly applied. In addition, the degree of control over bond line thickness is optimized, allowing for exact setting of the air gap between rotor and stator, improving the motor’s energy efficiency.


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Nestle Turns to Adhesives Partners to Help Exceed Regulatory Requirements

Posted By ASC, Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Adhesives for the packaging industry represent a large market for specialist adhesives companies. The products used in packaging must ensure packaging stability while meeting manufacturers’ aesthetic requirements, and laminated packaging consisting of several layers bonded with adhesives is the norm. At the same time, sustainability and packaging safety are also of concern.


Nestle, producers of some of the world’s most well-known food brands, recently spoke on the importance of packaging adhesives that meet its safety and compliance requirements. Food safety is a vital consideration, and Nestle’s adhesives industry partners ensure that the company is able to stay one step ahead of best-practice regulations, not only meeting, but exceeding regulatory requirements. For example, no orthophthalates or BPA are used in Nestle’s packaging.

Nestle believes that strong relationships with their suppliers in the adhesives industry have contributed to improved packaging safety through technical partnerships and new technologies.

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New All-weather Pressure Sensitive Insulation Tapes from ECHO Tape

Posted By ASC, Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The building and construction sectors will soon be able to take advantage of one of the new advances in pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes: ECHO tape’s new range of all-weather insulation tapes.


The tapes feature the ability to maintain strong bonds, even at temperatures as low as -4 F and have vapor sealing capacity across a range of insulation materials and substrates. The range of tapes includes double coated insulative and laminating tapes as well as thermal break tapes for gap-sealing in order to enhance energy efficiency. The acrylic adhesive insulation tapes are capable of forming bonds that are completely airtight and weather-proof even at these very low temperatures.


ECHO tape develops and manufactures pressure sensitive tapes for a wide range of industries in the construction and industrial sectors. Changing practices and code requirements, as well as the need for labor saving materials, is driving innovation within the industrial and construction tapes industry.

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ASC Launches First Ever University Tour Program

Posted By ASC, Friday, February 5, 2016
Updated: Thursday, February 4, 2016



Media Contact:

Matt Croson


(301) 986-9700 x111




 Council Partners with Adhesion Society to Showcase Industry to Students


February 5, 2016 – Bethesda, MD – The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) announces its first-ever university tour program with five stops planned in 2016. The new program, part of the Council’s Long Range Plan, is designed to showcase the industry to prospective employees at leading universities and colleges that have a focus on adhesives and sealants within their curriculum. ASC partnered with the Adhesion Society (AS) – the leading professional society focused on supporting advanced industry research, and will be presenting at the following schools in 2016:


  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Lehigh University
  • University of Akron
  • Northwestern University


Dates and times for each of the tours are being planned and will be announced at a later date.

“ASC’s Long Range Plan calls for the Council to facilitate knowledge sharing across the adhesive and sealant community, while developing key university relationships in order to pull expertise, insights and interest in adhesives,” notes Matthew E. Croson, President of ASC.  “The University Tours will provide the opportunity for ASC to share the market size and scope, our innovation orientation and student career planning information with students who are interested in exploring our industry as a career path.”

Each ASC University Tour will include a presentation, question and answer session, and an informal networking opportunity. The schools will coordinate student participation, while ASC will deliver the information and invite member companies to attend and participate.

The partnership with ASC and AS is a developing program, adding value to both groups.

Four years ago, ASC started a working relationship with the Adhesion Society whereby the Council managed the Society’s meetings.  Over the past three years, the Council has proactively invited Adhesion Society researchers to present 14-16 papers a year at its Convention in order to promote the advanced research Society members are publishing.  The University Tour is a natural evolution of this relationship and supports both organizations’ efforts to advance adhesives and sealants as a profession.

“ASC is excited about working with these leading academic institutions and the professors and researchers that guide future leaders within the adhesives and sealants community,” adds Croson.  “I look forward to meeting the future of our industry face to face, and sharing information that excites them about a career path within the $45 billion global adhesives and sealants space.”

The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) is a North American trade association dedicated to representing the adhesive and sealant industry. The Council is comprised of 138 adhesive and sealant manufacturers, raw material and equipment suppliers, distributors and industry consultants, representing more than 75% of the U.S. industry with operations around the world. Offering education, legislative advocacy, professional networking and business growth solutions for its members, the ASC is the center of knowledge and catalyst for industry growth on a global basis for manufacturers, suppliers and end-users. For more information about ASC, visit


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Royal Adhesives & Sealants LLC Acquires Weld Mount Systems

Posted By ASC, Thursday, February 4, 2016

Indiana-based adhesives and sealants company Royal Adhesives & Sealants announced its acquisition of Weld Mount Systems this week. Weld Mount Systems specializes in adhesive-bonded fasteners that are used for securing hose and cable clamps, wire tie mounts, floating nut plates, standoffs and studs to name but a few.


The fasteners make use of unique methyl methacrylate structural adhesives that cure to a high strength bond when used to bond parts to vertical or overhead surfaces and have been used in the defense, transport, marine and assembly industries globally. The adhesive fasteners eliminate the need for drilling, tapping and welding, simplifying production processes and creating strong, permanent bonds.


The sectors targeted by Weld Mount are also served by Royal, and the Weld Mount systems will contribute to Royal’s existing product range, widening the range of solutions they are able to offer to their clients. These already include a range of bonding, laminating and sealing products that have applications in a wide range of industries.


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Toyochem Acquires Rights to Solvent Acrylic Adhesives from Dow Chemical Group

Posted By ASC, Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Toyochem Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co. Ltd., recently announced that it has executed a Purchase and Assignment Agreement to acquire the exclusive rights to a limited number of one-component, solvent-based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) technology from Rohm and Haas Chemicals LLC, a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Co. The agreement reportedly covers the global rights related to the formulation and manufacturing process in addition to customer information to 11 solvent acrylic PSA products.

The newly acquired product lineup will reportedly be relaunched under Toyochem’s ORIBAIN™ series for industrial applications. Toyo Ink America’s (TIA) PSA division produces a range of solvent acrylic PSAs for tapes, labels and specialty applications. “We are always challenging ourselves to develop and supply products that will reflect true value to the marketplace,” said Joe Sentendrey, general manager of the TIA PSA division. “These newly acquired one-part technologies will be an outstanding complement to our present one-part and two-part product line for a variety of applications, including VOC free, low outgas, LSE, thermal and chemical resistant, optical clarity, and others.”

“This move is a perfect fit for our business, both in terms of portfolio and strategic business direction,” said Satoru Takashima, president. “The newly acquired technology combined with our long-cultivated technology for high-performance one-component PSAs and eco-friendly high-solid one-component products are expected to generate significant synergies. We believe such new developments will contribute to the rapid expansion of this business, especially in areas we have yet to penetrate such as India, Turkey and the Middle East, as well as in emerging markets in Africa and Latin America.”

For more information, visit, or

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North American International Auto Show 2016: The Future is Now, and Adhesives are Making it Happen

Posted By ASC, Tuesday, February 2, 2016



Contributed by Marc Benevento


An air of excitement prevailed at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS, aka, the Detroit Auto Show), fueled by a dichotomy of driving forces. Pending regulation on greenhouse gas emissions has generated interest in fuel saving technologies such as turbo charging, advanced transmissions, and lightweight materials. However, the current, sky-high rate vehicle sales, coupled with low gasoline prices, had OEMs showing powerful performance coupes and sedans featuring an array of advanced materials and electronics. Despite these driving forces coming from somewhat different directions, they are pushing the industry toward an interesting new mix of materials that will require more structural adhesives in production and service than ever before.


Steel continues to be the most common material of construction in light vehicles, and the vast majority of vehicles on display at the auto show had steel-intensive designs. The Steel Market Development Institute demonstrated innovative uses of high and ultra-high strength steel that have helped manufacturers reach their weight, safety, and performance targets in passenger cars and light trucks. Vehicle bodies on display (photo 1) were color coded to show where different grades of high strength steels had been applied to reduce weight.


A challenge faced by design engineers is that, as the thickness of steel is reduced to save weight, stiffness may decrease proportionally. Strategically applied structural adhesives, in conjunction with spot welds, supplement strength and stiffness, improve vehicle dynamics and safety, and also reduce the amount of road and engine noise that reaches the passenger compartment. Therefore, an abundance of adhesives and sealants was observed in the high strength steel vehicle bodies on display... Read More (see photos)



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New Eco-Friendly Flooring Adhesives from DriTac

Posted By ASC, Monday, February 1, 2016

DriTac Flooring Products LLC has announced the release of two new adhesives for flooring installations: Eco-5900 MegaBond and Eco-5700 StrongBond. The adhesives are suitable for the installation of vinyl tiles, vinyl planks or sheets, fiberglass-backed sheet vinyl flooring, rubber flooring or carpet tiles as well as cork, rubber or foam underlays.


These new pressure sensitive adhesives contain no VOCs or solvents, and have been formulated to reduce vinyl plank shrinkage. The moisture-resistant adhesives have a high tack, peel strength and sheer strength and are suitable for indoor or outdoor wet-set (permanent) or dry-set (releasable) flooring installations. Easy roll-on or trowel application and low odor make application simple and safe, and the Carpet and Rug Institute has independently confirmed DriTac’s indoor air quality claims.


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Retail-Ready Packaging: More Shelf Impact, Less Fuss

Posted By ASC, Thursday, January 28, 2016



Contributed by Hallie Forcinio


If you’ve noticed more retail-ready packaging on store shelves during recent shopping trips, you’re not imagining it. This packaging format, has been in growth mode for several years. Long a staple at club stores, the format is rapidly expanding in other channels, particularly supermarkets. In fact, retail-ready packaging now appears to dominate in Aldi stores. 


By 2019 we’ll see even more retail-readypackaging. A report from Technavio, “Global Retail Ready Packaging Market 2015-2019,” predicts the global retail-ready packaging market will experience a compound annual growth rate of 3.91 percent between 2014 and 2019.


Growth is strong because retail-ready packaging, which also is called shelf-ready packaging, doubles as transport package and display, delivering an attention-grabbing presence in store aisles and an enhanced shopping experience with minimal effort by store personnel. Instead of unpacking and placing individual primary packages on the shelf, a unit of multiple packages is opened and set in place, simplifying both stocking and replenishment. Colorful printing supports brand identity. Other advantages include better on-shelf access to the product, less damage and fewer out-of-stock situations.





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Newest Advance in Biosurgical Adhesives Approved by the FDA

Posted By ASC, Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The FDA has recently approved medical device company OptMed Inc.’s new biosurgical adhesive. It is the first medical adhesive of its kind, since it does not depend on cyanoacrylate chemistry. In addition, the adhesive is the first topical surgical adhesive to be cleared through a process using randomized controlled clinical trials.

The adhesive, dubbed BondEase, will be used to close lacerations and surgical incisions, and will be applied with the aid of a specialized device that will speed curing times. The trials showed that BondEase provided a sound alternative to staples or sutures. It achieved 100% wound closure within 10 days and delivered optimal cosmetic outcomes within 28 days without any significant adverse reactions among the patients who participated in the trial.

This innovation comes at a time when the market for high-strength medical adhesives is expected to experience double digit growth. The BondEase medical adhesives system will be available to the medical profession from late 2016.

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