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Teens Win Prize for Proposing Plastic and Silicone Adhesive Alternative to Lens Changes

Posted By ASC, Thursday, May 23, 2019
A group of students from Illinois in the US have taken a look into the future of optometry, and earned a $25,000 prize for the new business idea they saw there. In response to the Next Launch business idea regional challenge to high schools, the team from Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy in Aurora proposed a plastic and adhesive alternative to routine spectacle lens changes. 

The winning concept suggests that plastic lenses, backed by a suitable silicone-based adhesive, could be super-imposed on, and adhere to existing lenses when vision changes called for new lenses. The Illinois teens backed their proposal with the suggestion that this could lessen the expense and shorten the time delay involved in getting a new pair of glasses every time a prescription changed. 

The Next Launch new business idea challenge was sponsored by The Ron Rubin School for the Entrepreneur at Culver Academies. 

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Vegetable Oils Could Change Sustainability of Adhesives and Resins

Posted By ASC, Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Increased demands for sustainability at all levels of product manufacture has the Fraunhofer Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems (IMWS) putting vegetable oils under the microscope. This is to determine these oils’ potential as alternatives to petroleum-based chemicals in the production of coatings, adhesives and paints. 

Scientists at IMWS are also working on using these oils to develop a new breed of solvent-free adhesives with an organic content of 86% - more than double the 35% required for qualification as a sustainable material. To do so, they are testing a different way of processing them at a lower temperature, and without petrochemicals, by using enzyme treatment rather than epoxidation, and have found a way to replace the toxic hardener with an eco-friendly alternative. 

At the same time, research is continuing into the possible effects the varying chemical compositions of the raw materials extracted from different plant seeds will have on the properties of the resins produced.

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Henkel’s Functional Coatings for the Electric Vehicle Revolution

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Battery-electric vehicles, or BEVs, will have an increasingly important role in transportation. In Europe, all vehicles to be sold after 2025 must be BEVs, and Chinese consumers bought more BEVs last year than the rest of the world did in total. JP Morgan Chase predicts that electric vehicle sales will account for 35 percent of worldwide vehicle sales by 2025, and with the growing demand for BEVs, the demand for specialized functional coatings will rise too. 

Henkel says it is ready to “charge ahead” with its range of coatings used for battery cells, power conversion components, the electric drive system, and the battery packs that power the vehicles themselves. Apart from conventional coating functions like protection from the elements and corrosion resistance, functional coatings can have additional benefits. For example, coatings used within the battery packs will allow the use of lighter materials while increasing conductivity and extending battery life. 


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Study Demonstrates the Effect of Heat on Lap Shear Strength of Structural Adhesives

Posted By ASC, Thursday, May 16, 2019

A recent MasterBond study demonstrated the company’s success in engineering structural adhesives that retain their lap sheer strength despite being exposed to high temperatures over an extended period of time. A standard two-part epoxy that can be cured at room temperature was used as the control for comparison purposes and lap sheer strength for aluminum to aluminum bonding and aluminum to stainless steel was measured before and after 500 hours of exposure to temperatures of 150C.

After the appropriate heat-curing curing schedule for the adhesives had been applied, and the heat exposure test had been conducted, the research team measured the lap sheer strength of MasterBond’s EP17HTDA-1, SUP12A OHT-L9, FLM 36, and SUP10HT structural adhesives as compared to the standard epoxy.

While regular epoxy was unable to retain its lap sheer strength, MasterBond’s structural adhesives were not significantly affected, according to the company, with FLM36 showing the least difference in lap sheer strength after heat exposure.


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Slugs’ Sticky Defense Could Offer Clues to New Medical Adhesive

Posted By ASC, Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Updated: Tuesday, May 14, 2019

When insect predators try to grab a Dusky Airon slug for dinner, they are likely to find they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. The slug produces a flexible, tacky adhesive that blocks predators’ mouthparts.

Now, researchers are examining the substance in the hope of discovering a medical adhesive that could replace sutures or staples. The proteins in the slug adhesive may provide clues as to how to produce an adhesive that can flex as the body moves, yet still have enough adhesion to hold tissues in place. 

The Ithaca College research team has analyzed 11 slug adhesive proteins and has developed a method of producing them using recombinant DNA technology. Thus, if the proteins become ingredients in future medical adhesives, a means of producing them is already in place.

However, the proteins may not be useful in isolation, the researchers discovered that the double network structure in which the proteins bond to one another was behind the deformability and strength of the bonds they form. By modifying the protein network, the adhesive’s strength can be adjusted, allowing for deformation of bonds without loss of adhesion. 

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Parker Hannifin to Buy Coating and Adhesives Veteran Lord Corp

Posted By ASC, Tuesday, May 14, 2019
US industrial conglomerate Parker Hannifin Corp has announced its intention to buy Lord Corp for $3.68 billion in order to build its materials science capabilities. On completion of the sale, the veteran developer and producer of coating and adhesives, in its 95th year of operation, will become part of the Parker Hamilton engineered materials division.

Lord Corp, which currently records annual sales of over $1 billion dollars, has 15 research and development facilities and 17 manufacturing plants around the globe. And while adhesives and coatings have been its major call to fame during most of its near century of operation, it is also active in the field of motion and vibration control technology for the industrial, automotive and aerospace industries.

Parker Hannifin’s engineered materials division falls within the conglomerate’s diversified industrial unit, which last year accounted for more than 80% of the corporation’s revenue. 

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Adhesives Help to Overcome EV Challenges

Posted By ASC, Thursday, May 9, 2019
Updated: Tuesday, May 7, 2019

So far, lagging consumer adoption of Electric vehicles (EVs) may have been because they just couldn’t match the performance consumers could get from a petrol engine. But that is changing, and adhesives are helping to solve some of the challenges that have come to light as automakers scramble to develop better, greener cars.


Overall weight is a serious concern, not only for the performance of the vehicle, but for the range of the battery. Adhesives are making it possible to use new, lighter-weight materials and to dispense with heavy mechanical fasteners.


Adhesives have also overcome the many problems involved in bonding dissimilar substrates giving designers greater freedom in materials choices. But consumers also want a pleasant ride, so noise and vibration – among the only sounds you’ll hear in an electric vehicle – need to be damped down too, and once again, adhesives offer solutions.  Finally, the heart of the electric vehicle, its battery, is protected from the environment with the help of adhesives and coatings which also play a role in thermal management.


Henkel says it is working with its clients to solve consumer concerns that are slowing the adoption of EVs. Longer battery ranges, affordability, and the need for quiet interiors are among these, and adhesives could be the key.


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Master Bond Releases New One-Part Epoxy Reported with Unlimited Working Life at Room Temperature

Posted By ASC, Wednesday, May 8, 2019
Updated: Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Master Bond has introduced a new one-part, silver filled epoxy that it says doesn’t require premixing and freezing and which can retain an indefinite working time at room temperature. In addition, the heat-activated epoxy will cure within two to three hours at 175F to 185F – a much lower curing temperature than that needed for conventional heat-curing epoxies. This will make the new epoxy suitable for use on heat-sensitive substrates.


The epoxy has high thermal conductivity, and will bond well to a wide variety of substrates ranging from metals to ceramics and certain types of plastic. It will tolerate thermal cycling and thermal shock and can be used in applications where operating temperatures of -100F to +350F are expected.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ASC Announces 2020 World Adhesive & Sealant Conference and EXPO

Posted By ASC, Tuesday, May 7, 2019
Updated: Monday, May 6, 2019



Media Contact:

William Allmond

(301) 986-9700 x1111




May 7, 2019 – Alexandria, VA – The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) is pleased to announce that it will serve as the official host of the 10th World Adhesive and Sealant Conference (WAC) scheduled for April 20-22, 2020 in Chicago. The theme will be “Securing the Future.” Serving as co-hosts are the Asia Regional Adhesive Council (ARAC) and FEICA, the Association of the European Adhesive and Sealant Industry.

This global conference is held once every four years and rotates between Asia, Europe, and North America.

“Because the World Adhesive and Sealant Conference brings together the worldwide industry—manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, service providers, and academia—in one place over the course of three days, it is truly unique and impactful,” said Bill Allmond, ASC’s President. “There is no other conference like it.”

WAC 2020 will take the place of ASC’s Annual Spring Convention and EXPO held each April, and will be held at the magnificent Hilton Chicago, conveniently located near Chicago’s most famous attractions.

“Over the last decade, our industry has seen significant growth both here in the U.S. and around the world,” said Brian McSwigan, Vice President of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives at Henkel Corporation and Chair of the ASC. “Business opportunities across our industry’s markets have been driven by innovation, efficiency improvements and strong leadership. While the future outlook is favorable, there continue to be concerns about international trade, raw material costs, skilled labor, and government regulation. These challenges are felt globally and require increased focus within our industry,” he said.

WAC2020 will feature keynotes from the industry’s leading companies and a full, two-day program with more than 80 speakers presenting on a variety of important topics such as sustainability, adhesives and raw materials development, key feedstocks, global regulatory developments, market disruptors, end user business needs, mergers and acquisitions, among others. Each region – Asia, Europe, and North America – will provide their own unique viewpoint and updates, providing attendees with a valuable opportunity to learn more about the latest adhesive and sealant developments taking place across the globe.

Additionally, the WAC EXPO will be held on April 21 and will feature more than 130 exhibitors.
“On behalf of The Adhesive and Sealant Council, our co-hosts and co-promoters, and the U.S. adhesive and sealant industry, we are honored to welcome the global community to WAC 2020 and look forward to seeing you in Chicago,” Allmond said.

For more information about WAC 2020, please visit




The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) is a North American trade association dedicated to representing the adhesive and sealant industry. The Council is comprised of 104 adhesive and sealant manufacturers, raw material and equipment suppliers, distributors and industry consultants, representing more than 75% of the U.S. industry with operations around the world. Offering education, legislative advocacy, professional networking and business growth solutions for its members, the ASC is the center of knowledge and catalyst for industry growth on a global basis for manufacturers, suppliers and end-users. For more information about ASC, visit




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Henkel Introduces Loctite Brand Pedestrian Grade Floor Coating for Workplace Safety

Posted By ASC, Friday, May 3, 2019
Updated: Thursday, May 2, 2019

Slippery floors cause thousands of workplace accidents every year, and protecting workers often entails installing non-slip flooring or floor coverings. Loctite says its floor coating offers a simple, quick, and cost-effective solution that will nevertheless stand up to workplace wear and tear. The coating can be used on steel ramps, concrete floors, walkways, stairs or loading docks and will resist solvents, alkalis, acids, oils and gasoline.

The coating can simply be applied to a cleaned surface with Henkel recommending roller application for a ridged finish. However the coating can also be sprayed on for a smoother look that nevertheless has non-slip advantages. Finally, it can betroweled on to create an even rougher-textured surface than roller application achieves.

The company reports that the adhesive coating is low odor, waterproof, has fire retardant properties, and requires no premixing prior to application.



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