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3M Launches High Temperature Hook And Loop Fastening Tapes

Posted By ASC, 10 hours ago
Updated: Tuesday, June 25, 2019

3M has introduced an adhesive-backed reusable fastening tape for indoor and outdoor use which the company says is capable of withstanding temperatures close to boiling point, and able to outlast 5,000 closures. 

By doing so, the company plans to take a stronger adhesive version of the hook and loop tape system, once best known for its use on backpacks and shoe straps, into a wide range of manufacturing sectors and perform a number of functions.

These include using the tape for mounting seat backs and cushions in assembling aerospace and speciality vehicles; attaching displays and signs in the retail industry, and for medical brace closures and attachments.

The reclosable fastening system that can resist temperatures up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, is made up of teaming up two separate tapes. SJ60H provides the hooks, and SJOH the loops, both made out of woven nylon. The tapes are backed by adhesives for mounting purposes.  


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New Therma-Conductive Adhesive For Heat-Generating Components

Posted By ASC, Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Updated: Monday, June 24, 2019

MG Chemicals has launched a new thermally-conductive two-part epoxy adhesive for use bonding heat-generating components in the assembly of electronics, including items like heatsink heat exchangers and LEDs. The adhesive can be applied with dual-syringes, mix-tips, and automatic dispensing systems.

According to MG, the adhesive has a thermal conductivity of 1.1W/(m.K) which works for 45minutes. If left at room temperature it will cure in 24 hours, a time-span that will speed up to 2.5 hours if the temperature is raised to 65C or 149 F. 

MG reports that the MG Chemical 8329TFM adhesive is thixotropic, bonds well to various substrates, and provides strong electrical insulation. The smooth, dark grey adhesive is also claimed to be highly resistant to salt water, humidity, alphatic hydrocarbons and mild bases. It has a shelf life in excess of three years.



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A&S Industry Sees Bright Future for EVs and Automotive Suppliers

Posted By ASC, Thursday, June 20, 2019
Updated: Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Two major changes are underfoot this year in the electric vehicle market and even more are to come within the next decade, which will result in EVs becoming a mainstream driving option. 

One is the planned introduction of nine electric SUVs this year to a market so far mostly revolving around sedans and hatchbacks. 2019 is also the year when the range reached by electric vehicle batteries is predicted to top 200 miles on average. By 2028 they are expected to have a range of 400 miles.

The adhesive and sealant industry is adhering to its bond with the automotive industry by expanding partnerships and product lines to keep up. Industry manufacturers have looked into the crystal ball and see a bright future for EVs, and therefore for the suppliers and OEMs who manufacture components necessary to keep the EV sector growing.

Several adhesive and sealant companies are very active in the automotive industry, producing a wide range innovative products and innovative solutions used in vehicle assembly and battery manufacture. For more information, including connecting with providers, visit the cars, trucks and buses portal on


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Proper Storage is Critical for Epoxy Adhesives Effectiveness

Posted By ASC, Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Special attention needs to paid to the product-specific storage requirements for one and two part epoxy adhesives. This will ensure that they continue to function properly.

According to manufacturer Master Bond, well-ventilated areas should be chosen, and moist and dusty environments avoided in all instances, while the ambient temperature necessary to preserve functionality varied from one type of epoxy to another. 

Their one component epoxy, for instance, should be stored between 5 and 10°C (40-50°F), and brought to ambient temperature before being used. The two component epoxy can be stored in warmer, dryer and well-ventilated areas between 20-25°C (68-77°F). The premixed and frozen epoxy remains functional for 6 months if stored at -40°C (-40°F) and is then thawed for usage. As it cures at room temperature, it cannot be refrozen or re-used.

Care should also be taken to check the date of manufacture, ensure the right lids are replaced tightly, and that applicators are cleaned thoroughly to avoid cross-contamination. Also, special care should be taken when storing flammable or hazardous materials.



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Sika Introduces New Flexible Indoor/Outdoor Sealant Adhesive

Posted By ASC, Thursday, June 13, 2019
Updated: Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Sika’s Everbuild product line has produced a new adhesive and sealant, EB25, for use on a wide range of materials, and in various conditions and environments. 

The company reports that the polymer blend adhesive and sealant is both highly flexible and strong, and claims it to be suitable for indoor, outdoor and even underwater application, and exposure to most weather conditions. 

According to the company the adhesive and sealant can by applied to materials like wood, metal, plastic, concrete, ceramic, stone and brick. It is certified for use in sanitary and food preparation areas and has been awarded the EC1Plus badge for low emissions. 



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Biological Adhesive Development Receives Six Figure Backing

Posted By ASC, Wednesday, June 12, 2019
Updated: Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A young biotech company formed in 2017 by scientists from Bristol University in the UK, Zentraxa, has received an investment of ₤500,000 to assist it in funding its development of biological adhesives for use in areas such as wound dressings and healthcare in general. 

According to Zentraxa, which focuses on bio-production of peptides for application in various materials, the adhesives will be manufactured using its own bio-materials and its own manufacturing process, Zentide, which is based on similar processes to those found in the natural world. 

The company intends to use the investment, part of which was from the Bristol Private Equity Fund, to take the development of the adhesives up a notch from its current feasibility or laboratory stage to the point where it is ready for pilot testing.


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New Building Protection Underlayment Incorporates Novel Patented Adhesive

Posted By ASC, Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Concrete Rooftile company Eagle Roofing and sealing and coating firm APOC have worked together in producing a new type of underlayment they believe will be better able to withstand the impact and effects of severe weather. At the core of the fleece-topped underlayment is APOC’s patented adhesive made up of three compounds, and a reinforced-seam technology which increases its waterproofing capability.

Designed for use in both commercial and residential buildings and regardless of whether the roofing material used consists of concrete tiles or metal roofing, it can be fastened mechanically, with foam, or using a hybrid of the two.

Eagle Roofing said the fleece-topped heavy duty polyester underlayment membrane is 100% waterproof, nail sealable and UV blocked. It can also sustain high temperatures and has added traction.



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PermalinkComments (0) BLOG: Marketing with NGOs: Polishing Your Reputation or Guilt by Association?

Posted By ASC, Friday, June 7, 2019
Updated: Thursday, June 6, 2019 Blog Highlight


Marketing with NGOs: Polishing Your Reputation or Guilt by Association?
by Ujjval Vyas


In my most last blog post, I encouraged product manufacturers in the adhesives and sealants sector (and product manufacturers in general) to make ethical choices when selling to customers who may be incapable of distinguishing helpful product information from misleading claims. In this post, I suggest that there is another important piece of the ethical puzzle:seeking to associate positive attributes to a product set or brand by involving or coming into a relationship with an NGO. While such attempts to create an aura of cultural prestige, social involvement, or environmental engagement can answer the call of a fad or fulfill the desires of a target audience, they can also put a company at odds with its own best interests or damage its reputation.

It is useful to review the primary reasons that marketing exists at all. Though marketing is often seen as a way to influence customers to purchase products, this is not very precise and gives no sense of its vital role in market economies. The core ideas were set out in 1961 by future Nobel-winning economist George Stigler in his famous article “The Economics of Information.” In the article Stigler set out the key idea that information is the basis of all activity in an open market. Markets are created by basic desires and needs of individuals, but the range of desires and needs varies greatly for all kinds of reasons, from arbitrary preferences to endogenous and exogenous constrain... READ MORE


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Retailer Uses Adhesive-Backed Mats to Fight Slip-and-Fall

Posted By ASC, Thursday, June 6, 2019

A Philadelphia grocery chain has instituted a comprehensive system of best practices and preventative safety measures to protect itself and its customers. They’ve started at floor level with the use of adhesive-backed floor mats.

With slips and falls one of the most common accidents resulting in injury to customers, and affecting retailers’ pockets and reputation, floor safety procedures have become a necessary part of retailing in the US. 

With this in mind, Redner’s Markets regional chain made sure to include appropriate floor covering, along with introducing tracked staff “safety walks” and other safety measures it introduced. The New Pig mats now installed in all the Redner’s Markets stores in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland, are specially cut to fit different areas of the stores and are replaceable.

To prevent spills and liquids from reaching the floor and creating a hazard for customers and staff, the mats have a thick and absorbent top layer. This is backed by a waterproof adhesive layer that adheres to the floor and prevents any liquid from seeping through it.



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Covestro Partners with Henkel on Bonding for Electric Vehicle Battery Cells

Posted By ASC, Tuesday, June 4, 2019

To address the challenge involved in bonding plastic parts in the high-voltage lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles, high-tech polymer producer Covestro has teamed up with adhesives technology company Henkel in the search for a solution.

The two companies are currently testing the use of Henkel’s UV-activated Loctite adhesive to bond Covestro’s ultra-thin injection-molded battery parts. Particular attention is being paid to whether the combination of the adhesive and the plastic parts made with the one millimeter thick flame-retardant PC+ABS blend, Bayblend FR3040 EV will provide a solution to bonding the cylindrical battery cells with the plastic holder that supports them.

Covestro also hopes that combining the Loctite adhesives, which the company reports can be cured by UV light as a single-component system in under 2 seconds, with the plastic, which is permeable to UV radiation at wavelengths over 380 nanometers, will speed up the cycle times needed to mass produce battery packs and modules.


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