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New Graduates Announced - August 2016!


Congratulations to John Gimler of Bostik, Inc., Yu Min Lee of CymMetrik USA, Katie Eberhard of Avery Dennison and Ehab Hadi of Jowat for becoming recent graduates of the TAC Program!


Several candidates are expected to complete the coursework in the coming months and be the next class of graduates.  



All TAC Program Graduates receive a hand crafted, custom graduate mug to commemorate completion of the education program!





The Adhesive and Sealant Council’s Training Academy Certificate Program (TAC) was developed in response to ASC’s ‘Long Range Plan’ strategic initiative to create a curriculum for adhesive and sealant professionals to grow and learn throughout their career. A task force consisting of experienced and knowledgeable peers and academic professionals was created to design the TAC program and its core educational modules. The program provides participants with both fundamental and focused adhesive and sealant education. Graduates will obtain a holistic understanding of the technical and business issues within the adhesive and sealant industry and demonstrate proficiency through course exams. Participants that finish the program will be recognized in the industry as an ASC TAC graduate.




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Benefits to the Company

Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and end users will all benefit from solid academic coursework to enhance their daily experiential learning, providing benefits to both company and professional.


Is YOUR Company Already Subscribed?
Employees of these companies can attend ANY Live webinar or view ANY OnDemand webinar without additional cost since your company is a TAC program subscriber (levels vary):

- 3M
- Acelity, Inc.
- Avery Dennison
- Bostik, Inc.
- Covestro, LLC
- CymMetrik USA
- Dow Chemical Company
- Eastman Chemical
- Evonik Corporation
- Franklin International
- H.B. Fuller

- Kraton Polymer US LLC
- Palmer Holland, Inc.
- Polymeric Systems, Inc.
- Pidilite Industries Ltd.
- Resinall Corporation
- Royal Adhesives & Sealants
- Sascho, Inc.

High Value Program

The TAC program is a CONVENIENT and COST EFFECTIVE method of workforce training. The 100% WEB-BASED, comprehensive curriculum is ideal for new or new to a role staff and professionals looking for are fresher on adhesive and sealant fundamentals.A variety of flexible and affordable subscription options provide a very cost effective way for staff to stay continuously up to speed on the latest markets and technologies in their respective field.


The TAC curriculum features CORE courses covering the fundamentals plus FOCUS courses for specific technologies and chemistries that are RELEVANT to the company’s key products and services. This adds considerable value to the training, leading to more effective productivity so that TAC graduates excel in their career and SECURE THEIR FUTURE in the adhesive and sealant industry. 



TAC Program Construct

The ASC Training Academy Certificate Program is a 100% web-based program utilizing live and on demand recorded webinars ranging from one to two hours in length. Each registrant will have an online TAC Learner dashboard to track and view their courses, materials and progress to complete and pass the required 12 courses in 12 months.


The six mandatory CORE courses include: Adhesion, Adhesives, Sealants, Polymer Science, Testing and Formulation Principles. Each 90 minute CORE course is divided into three modules with three exams for each module.


The remaining six FOCUS courses are chosen to round out education and maximize relevancy. Participants choose from courses pertaining to: Markets and Technologies (three courses must be chosen), Chemistries (two courses) plus one free elective course of their choosing. FOCUS courses selected from live or on demand training academy webinars will also have exams.


Certificate Materials and the Learner Dashboard

Each CORE course includes an OnDemand, pre-recorded webinar, access to a PDF of the presentation and online resources containing vocabulary, additional references for advanced study and an opportunity to submit questions. Exams will be based on an instructional model; guiding the participant to review the question topics within the course materials in order to fully comprehend the material and advance to the next section.


Each FOCUS course includes either a live or OnDemand (pre-recorded) webinar and access to a PDF of the presentation. Exams will be based on an instructional model; guiding the participant to review the question topics within the course materials in order to fully comprehend the material and advance to the next section.


Candidates who pass the course exams will receive a TAC certificate suitable for framing; the designation as an adhesive and sealant ASC TAC graduate; and recognition on ASC’s website, national conventions and short courses.



Cost and Access

Several pricing options are available including FREE access to the TAC program with a company subscription, bundled rates and standard a la carte webinar pricing, which all can lead to a certification.


Subscription Options Include:

Full Corporate Subscription - UNLIMITED access to ALL live and OnDemand webinars in the library PLUS an UNLIMITED number of certificate registrations per calendar year.
   Members - $3,500 / Nonmembers - $5,000 per year


Lite Corporate Subscription - UNLIMITED access to all live and OnDemand webinars in the library PLUS up to four (4) certificate registrations per calendar year. 

   Members - $1,800 / Nonmembers - $2,500 per year


Individual Single Certificate Option - Access for ONE certificate registration for one employee to participate in the Training Academy Certificate (TAC) program. The 12 course requirement is completed with free access to 15 courses pulled from live Training Academy webinars and OnDemand webinar library for one year.

   Members - $900 / Nonmembers - $1,200



2016 Graduates...


Congratulations to these recent graduates in July:

- Kate Anton from H.B. Fuller
- Kelly Kehrein from Bostik 
- Brandon Mitchell from Resinall Corp.

Feedback from some of the recent TAC graduates...

"I recently moved from a technical position into a sales role so it’s always good to refresh my chemistry knowledge every once and a while. I think it’s a great overview for everyone in the adhesive business. It touches on all the essential parts of glue that we all should know backwards and forwards."


"It was a great program and very informative. I especially liked the core courses. They were a great walk through of the various aspects of adhesives and sealants. I believe this information will be very beneficial to the rest of our staff going through the certificate program." 


We have had outstanding participation in the TAC program and have over 260 courses that our learners have progressed through. Some of our learners complete the 12 course program in under two weeks for the best on-boarding of new staff. 

New TAC participants daily with new subscribers taking full advantage of FREE webinars and TAC access!

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First Graduates of the Program Announced - June 2016


Congratulations to Jerry Lee, a Process Engineer for the Labels & Packaging Materials Group at Avery Dennison and Aaron Plumley, an Area Technical Manager for H.B. Fuller! They are the programs FIRST GRADUATES!


Several candidates are expected to complete the coursework and be the next class of graduates this summer including:


• Thijs Janssens from Avery Dennison
• Stephan Klotzbac of Eastman Chemical Company
• Scott Tunney of Sashco Inc.
• Bruce Johnson of Sashco Inc.
• Kelly Kehrein of Bostik


ASC is EXTREMELY thankful to the above active learners who assist in fine tuning the e-learning program and improving the Learner experience for everyone!


We also have close to 50 learners in various stages of the Training Academy Certificate program and many signing up daily. Will YOU be next? Scroll below to see if  YOU company is already signed up, and if not, how to do so!


A BIG thank you to the following companies who are taking advantage of the TAC program and have many of their staff enrolled:


• Avery Dennison
• Sashco Inc.
• Avery Dennison
• H.B. Fuller
• Covestro
• Eastman Chemical
• CymMetrik
• Bostik
• Dow Chemical


Here's recent feedback from our Learners' experiences with the program...

Jerry Lee (Avery Dennison):

"The content of the courses are really beneficial as I was exposed to technical details on adhesives as well as views from the market and its application.

…Overall, the course was great and is a really great opportunity for us to interact and learn from a range of experts.

…I can’t stress how much learning and excitement this opportunity has brought me, not only for self-development but also the benefits it brought to my career. This is a learning platform from which I can gain additional theoretical knowledge to complement my current work and future career.

…I will definitely encourage more of my peers and colleagues to learn from the ASC Training Academy Certificate program!"


Stephan Klotzbach (Eastman Chemical):

“…have I mentioned yet how much I enjoy the courses? This is a great program!"


Thijs Janssens (Avery Dennison):

“…I must say that you and ASC have my compliments! It may not be all new information for me, but it sure helps to refresh/clarify and explain in more depth where the rules/tricks come from."



Aaron Plumley (H.B. Fuller):
“…Good foundational information to have in general. The exams were always relevant to course information and the voice-over with slideshow format worked very well."



Lite Corporate Subscription - UNLIMITED access to all live and OnDemand webinars in the library PLUS up to four (4) certificate registrations per calendar year. 

   Members - $1,800 / Nonmembers - $2,500 per year

Lite Corporate Subscription - UNLIMITED access to all live and OnDemand webinars in the library PLUS up to four (4) certificate registrations per calendar year. 

   Members - $1,800 / Nonmembers - $2,500 per year

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