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MISSION — ASC delivers career education, innovation collaboration, community knowledge sharing and a unified industry voice. Together, we accelerate the adoption of adhesives and sealants to strengthen our member businesses.

VISION STATEMENT —  Innovators secure the future with adhesives and sealants.

Long Range Plan

To support the Council’s Mission and Vision, the Council’s Board of Directors has adopted the following Long Range Plan:

Antitrust Compliance

It is the policy of the Council to comply strictly with the letter and spirit of all applicable trade regulations and antitrust laws. Any activities of the Council or Council-related actions of its officers, directors, members, member representatives or staff which violate these regulations and laws are contrary to Council policy.

All Council activities or discussions are avoided which might be construed as tending to: (1) raise, lower or stabilize prices; (2) regulate production; (3) allocate markets; (4) encourage boycotts; (5) foster unfair trade practices; (6) assist in monopolization; or in any way violate applicable trade regulations and antitrust laws.  

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